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Life persists.

If there is any truth in the universe it is this: life persists, no matter what challenges present themselves, it finds a way to surpass it.

Deep within the recesses in the infinite vastness known as the universe, lies part of a spiral arm galaxy home to a group of planets. Each teemed with life and unique environments, but they all had one thing in common: advanced species rising out of the crucible that is evolution. The civilizations that rose along with those species developed alongside them, eventually becoming aware of each other and entering into an age of strife.
Realizing that there was competition rising out of their previously empty concept of the universe, they began to build for war in hopes to claim the lands of each other. As devastation rocked their planets, they advanced quickly; both in science to fight the war, but also socially in resistance to it. Eventually it dawned on them all that for the war to continue, it would mean the end of all life on their homes; instead, it must be peace and growth that solves their problems. As they rebuilt their worlds, they also became more aware of the importance of the living world to their own lives; creatures of all types formed an intricate network that required coexistence to survive. Even on the larger level their planets did the same; forming an interdependent web that required coexistence and cooperation to truly flourish. They began to theorize that perhaps this interdependency existed at all levels of organization in the universe.
As these ideals grew, so did the relationship of the those planets, eventually forming the idea of Aluriza, or The Root Logic: the idea that the key to success to life as a whole in the universe was harmony with the natural world. Though they continued to advance technologically, they did so with a respect to their environment and their shared communities, allowing for rapid leaps and bounds in sustainable energy, medical technology, and ethics, among other things. They also had the urge to explore; always science-minded, they sought new wonders of this living universe they inhabited and desired to lend help where they could. As their people traveled, so did Aluriza, bringing many new species into their community, adding their unique perspectives and knowledge, both socially and technologically.
On one of the Aluriza's many explorations into the unknown universe, they came across a world so devastated by its own sun that life on it was fighting a rapidly-losing battle against extinction. The planet, cataloged as X-1118A, slowly began to lose its magnetosphere after its core cooled; its protective shield against solar winds and its atmosphere began to dissipate as its surface was bathed in intense solar radiation, obliterating all but the most hardy of its life. In their survey of this dying world, their interest fell on a specific species, which used a complex system of genetic adaptations to survive the now hostile conditions; however, even it too was eventually doomed. The biology of this creature was deemed too unique to be lost and a commission was formed to devise a way to save the species.
Eventually, it was decided that the ones that could be saved would be taken from the planet's surface and revitalized if possible. The largest problem faced by the creatures was rapid cellular degradation from the intense radiation. Thus began one of the most revolutionary genetic projects so far undertaken by the Aluriza: the X-1118A Experimental Rebuilt Organism initiative, or Project XERO for short. In doing so, they also hoped to learn more of this creature's remarkable biology; such abilities could lead to curing of all sorts of maladies, a tool for not only improving life, but saving it.


While the various races and creatures inhabiting this sector are known as the Aluriza, or Alurizans, the region itself is called the Aluriza Reserve, or AREZ for short. Rather than an alliance formed for defense or acquisition of resources, it is driven by this shared idea; to prosper in this universe it is easier to coexist than to fight. As the continued march of technology and social progress remove the need to commercialize the environment, it is an ethical imperative to live an existence that removes needless harm and seeks cooperation. One cannot easily escape their universe and its laws; it's better to not destroy one's home if they plan on living there.
You can find varied and vibrant communities of all types across the planets of the Aluriza Reserve; many of its inhabitants intermix and travel freely due to a robust inter-planetary transit system. It is not uncommon to see many distinct cultures present on planets far from their native homes. Regardless of the climate or ecosystem of each planet, every city, town, and settlement is constructed in perfect harmony with the environment and nature surrounding it. Trees and vegetation are plentiful, and it is not uncommon to see large trees gently decorated as a symbol of their reverence within the community. While the animals and insects of these worlds have no control over what they need to eat to survive, the Alurizans do, and in congruence with the Root Logic, no Alurizan eats meat or contributes to the suffering of any living creature. After all, this is a very advanced civilization, and there is no need for meat or animal products to fulfill nutritional requirements or please the palate.
The capital planet of the Arez region is a large, primarily forested planet called Owai-6; affectionately referred to as the 'Oasis' by many Alurizans. This is the main headquarters of many important operations, including Project XERO, where our story begins.






Harbor sits as the capital of not only Owai-6 but the wider Alurizan Reserve as well, and as such, has become one of the largest cultural hubs in all of the AREZ. Harbor, being the historic location where the Republic officially began, was a natural choice for the Forum. The AREZ in general tends to be a diverse population, but nothing quite as much as Harbor. Its political and cultural importance sees visitors, tourists, and even out-of-reservation species from all over the region.  Residents here get to experience the wide variety of cultures that make the AREZ their home and find themselves enjoying a city dense with a dizzying array of lifestyles, food, and fun.
The glow of street markets are one of the primary attractions of Harbor, where the creative, artistic, or culinary aspects of their neighbors can be seen, as well as their taste in fashion. For those who seek a little quieter experience, Harbor cultivates numerous parks, conservatories, and museums for public enjoyment.
Those who wish to see the cutting edge of society often find their way here as well, with many schools, trade educations, and advanced research finding home in Harbor, such as the ARC.
For those lifeforms wanting to experience a bit of everything Alurizian culture has to offer, or for those looking to make their mark in society, Harbor is a great place to start.



The Jurupa Forest is one of the oldest and largest contiguous forests on Owai-6, dating back millions of years. A sizable portion of the planet's life can be found among its trees, and many of the organisms present can be found only here. This biodiversity makes it an attractive area for research, but it’s also popular for many people on Owai who are looking to really connect to the natural world, whether through exploratory hiking, camping, or staying in one of the forest cities spread around the planet.
The largest of these arboreal communities is Aberion, Jurupa. Often referred to as the ‘tree city’ due to its large size, Aberion contains a wide variety of people who all call the forest their home, whether by biological imperative or just a desire for the tranquility of the deep woods. A sprawling network of tree-bound homes and hanging dwellings, an elevated lifestyle is often the norm within the Jurupa Forest, to both avoid disturbing the wildlife below and to stay safe from the danger of larger predators.
The people of Aberion have a long history of fantastic culinary feats; with the bounty of the woods available for cultivation, the flavors that come from their kitchens are said to be phenomenal, even the chefs of Harbor find themselves there for inspiration from time to time. From intimate personal experiences with the magic of the forest, to the lively and inviting culture, to a meal worth returning for, Aberion is your destination for an experience of a lifetime.





One of the largest deserts on Owai-6 is the Kubai Desert, a subtropical type famous for its stark beauty, hot, arid summers, and wild monsoon seasons. Reaching average temperatures of 30 degrees with highs exceeding 45, it can be an environment inhospitable to some. Those that can weather its climate however, are rewarded with a unique experience for their efforts, much like the residents of B'Haddu city.
Carved directly into the rocky outcrops that line the oasis at the center of residence, the people that call B'Haddu home have found a unique harmony with nature here. By utilizing water-saving technology and residing within the cooling rock homes, people find a comfortable living staying out of the sun during the hottest times. However, it is the nighttime that brings out one of the most stunning sights on all of Owai; the crystal clear skies of the Kubai Desert reveal an amazing star display, rousing a tale from one of the many indigenous Elder Haddu about their mythic origin.
Living in B'haddu means having a close knit relationship and reliance on others to make the best of life here; where nature punishes failure harshly, a helping hand is always welcome. Artists from all over the system come to visit the Haddu, whose artisans possess legendary craftsmanship passed down through generations. Those who aren't adverse to a little sun and living close to the earth will find B'haddu a wonderful and unique place to stay.



Seaside life is said to be one of carefree bliss, and with the crisp sea breeze washing over the soft, sandy beaches warmed by the sun, it's easy to see why. You can find out for yourself at Torini, a town situated above the Earle Sea on a rocky outcropping, with a large boardwalk area underneath.
Torini's comfortable climate, recreational opportunities, and beautiful sunsets make it a popular vacation spot where many unwind from their busy lives. Those who reside permanently in Torini tend to be carefree, extremely friendly, and are known for their love of music, water, and parties. The boardwalk is often overtaken by various street markets who love to trade with the many visitors as way to share their culture, and a Torini sweet bread is hard to resist.
Torini is not all fun however, and is home to one of the finest weather centers on Owai-6, hosting climate and oceanic research in partnership with the ARC. Some of the greatest scientists in the early age of The Republic got their start here, before the center was built. That amazing pedigree continues to this day; you'll never know when the surfer you just saw was a PhD or not. For both the soul and the mind, Torini is a wonderful place to kick back and recharge yourself and experience the simple pleasure of the seaside life.