[Closed] FTO/Non Owner Ice Cream Batch!

Posted 6 months ago :: Last edited 6 months ago by Blair

Good afternoon! Welcome to another fto/non owner exclusive batch!!


We have some sweet treats coming your way, all lovingly crafted by our very own Mod/GA: Jollymutt! 


There are 6 total ice cream-based designs up for grabs! Can you guess what they are all based on?
These Xeros are for First time owners (Someone who has never owned a Xero before) and Non Owners (Someone who may have owned a Xero before but doesn't currently have any) only!


Unlike some of our previous batches, these cavity-inducing cuties will be done FCFS (First come, first serve!)


Comments will open at 12 pm PSt/3pm est! to claim, comment the number you wish to claim! (eg. #2!)
they are 45 USD each! (Thank you, donors!)
remember you must be a fto/non owner in order to receive these designs! please only claim one per comment!


if you are claiming for someone else, you must put their name in your claim message! (eg. Claiming #2 for Blair!) you do not need to be a fto/non owner to claim for someone else!


Good luck, everyone! I hope you all enjoy these tasty treats, don't get brain freeze!





Kaluna Avatar

Claim any if any are left or don't get paid for?

2022-03-19 19:09:20

AisKobold Avatar

Claim #5!

2022-03-19 19:00:24

Earth Avatar

Claim 3 for PrincelyPixels#4720

2022-03-19 19:00:14

Nikki Avatar

Claim 3

2022-03-19 19:00:14

Nikki Avatar

Claim 3

2022-03-19 19:00:14

Blair Avatar
Blair Staff Member

Congrats on winning Moose Tracks! Can I please have a point of contact (eg. Discord, Twitter) to send the full design and your PayPal email to send an invoice?

2022-03-19 19:18:34

Nikki Avatar

Eeyore#6380 on discord please!

2022-03-19 19:24:32

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