[Closed] Tasty Drinks Flatsale Raffle Gacha!

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How’s everyone enjoying the blazing summer sun? Well, we definitely have something to help you cool off!

On AUGUST 16TH, 2022 @ 1PM PST we’ll be pulling:




There will be a total of 16 Xeros that have been created for this batch from a large majority of the mod team! This gacha will be random, so you won’t know the design you’re getting until it’s been rolled! If you don’t end up with your favorite, there’s no worries, as we will be opening up the Gacha Trading Channel on the official Discord after the raffle has been closed.
  • Sign up in the comments logged-in with your site account and a place to contact you (Discord, etc.) Note: You are only able to enter for yourself. If you have the intention of gifting the design to a friend, either of you may only enter once. Requesting friends enter the gacha for you will result in disqualification. One entry per person.
  • 30 minutes before the roll, the gacha sign-ups will close (12:30pm PST / your relevant timezone)
  • There will be 16 individual winners. Once payment has been received, the designs will be revealed on-site. The order of these designs will be pre-determined. You will have 24 hours to fulfill your payment if you win. If you have no intention of paying or feel like you are unable within the time limit, please refrain from entering!
  • Once the member pays for the design, the mystery Xero will be revealed! The order of the designs given out will be predetermined.
You must be registered and verified on-site to enter! Good luck, everyone! 


DinoLoverNerd Avatar

I wanna join the giveaway

2022-08-22 21:08:27

dergonfruit Avatar

Discord: dergonfruit#6996

2022-08-16 15:54:00

malphym Avatar

Discord: malphym#1312

2022-08-16 14:01:29

Grinnie Avatar


2022-08-16 13:19:42

Mew Avatar


2022-08-16 12:12:18

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