[Closed] Prehistoric Pit Flatsale Raffle

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Prehistoric Pit Flatsale Raffle

Design by paradoxxpalms !

Click for more info!

This is a Flatsale Raffle that will be open for 24 hours that if you win, you will pay 200 USD!

We got all that? Great! Let’s move over to this gorgeous design by paradoxxpalms!!!  

This fella looks like they jumped straight out of the Cretaceous period! Is that.. some kind of Spinosaur on their head? 

Can you believe it as well? This is our very first Jungle Xero with Extra Limbs! I think that makes them pretty dang special! 

To enter, you'll have to comment on the sale thread in our DISCORD!  You'll be entered into a raffle on the site which will be rolled on…
September 11, 2022 at 2:00 PM EST!

Take your time and only join if you can comfortably pay! Thank you all so much for your incredible support, let us know if you like this way of sales!



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