[Closed] Gemstone FTO/Non Owner Flatsale Raffle Gacha!

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Designs by JollyMutt !

Click for more info!

We have another First Time Owner/Non Owner only batch of GACHA designs coming at you! 


We are doing our tried and true Flatsale Raffle, which is a raffle where you must PAY IF YOU WIN! There are 6 designs total up for grabs from Jollymutt for 55 USD each! You will only pay if you get rolled!


To apply, simply leave a comment on this post with:

★ A place of contact, such as your Discord ID or Twitter handle!


You MUST be a First Time Owner (Someone who has never owned a Xero) or a Non Owner (Someone who previously owned a Xero but currently has none) to apply! We will be checking!

Sign-Ups OPEN Until TOMORROW (09/18) at 5pm PST/7pm EST! 

Please DO NOT comment for someone else! Alert your FTO/Non Owner friends to enter themselves into this raffle!

Once we close sign-ups, we will add usernames to a raffle bot on the site itself and draw 6 winners! We will then contact those who won and invoice them, and once paid, they will receive their RANDOM design! Please DO NOT enter if you cannot pay when the time comes! Please only enter if you are OK with receiving a RANDOM design!
We decided on a flatsale raffle this time to give everyone an equal chance of winning no matter their internet speed! Members are welcome to join our Discord to trade their Xeros with each other if they are not satisfied with their random design! Thank you for reading everyone! 

Good luck to all our FTO's/Non owners! 


Unicorin Avatar

Entering!! Wilderhoney#9000

2022-09-18 17:23:16

sythlend Avatar

Entering! Sythlend#2292

2022-09-18 16:31:08

Calavirs Avatar


2022-09-18 14:39:30

puppy Avatar


2022-09-18 12:39:15

DerpMonster Avatar


2022-09-18 12:24:35

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