Jungle Survey- Rhinorachnid terribilis

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Jungle Survey- Rhinorachnid terribilis
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In Expeditions ・ By DisforDevilContent Warning: insects, bugs, arachnid

Rhinorachnid Terribilis- also known as the Kiah rhino spider, is an odd demi-arachnid found on the planet of Kiah.


They are massive, solely vegetarian, and eat mostly poisonous plants. their diet lends them their own poison and venom, and causes radical changes to the colors of their marking- they tend to take on the colours of their favorite fruits and leaves.

while they do have wings, they can barely support their massive size, and are used more for aid for their powerfull hind legs as they leap dozens of feet into the air in one stride.

they live in herds, with one massive female protecting a group of up to 10 smaller, more delicate males.

their ear wings are used for communicating with their own species and to intimidate others who may threaten their herd. 

while the males are relatively peacefull and inquisitive, and even let two of the explorers near them with no issue, the females are inherently violent and protection-driven, and they promptly chased the researchers away from their den- leaving them unable to get good documentation of their young. current hypothesis is they have an egg-larva-adult cycle.

being as big as they are, as well as excellent climbers and jumpers, an offer was made to attempt to tame one of the males to see if they have a potential as jungle transport animals.
upon hearing said suggestion, one of the researchers fainted, and the concept was quickly abandoned.

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