Terms of Service

Created: 22 April 2021, 20:56:07 UTC
Last updated: 2 November 2021, 17:29:27 UTC
The following document outlines the Project Xero website Terms of Service. Before using this website, you must read, understand and agree to these terms. Please read the document carefully and in full, and also review our Privacy Policy.
These Terms of Service apply to anywhere the Project Xero group is present, not limited to: this website, Twitter, Instagram, and the Discord server. By accessing the site, viewing any content or using any services available on the site you are agreeing to be bound by these terms. The terms govern our relationship with you in relation to the site. If you disagree with any part of the terms, please do not access the site. These terms may be updated at any time, so it is important to review them often.

Project Xero is run on an ARPG framework known as “Lorekeeper”. The use of Lorekeeper is done with permission by the developer of Lorekeeper ("Corowne") and no part of these terms shall claim ownership over or infringe upon the rights of the framework developed by Corowne.

All other content on the site, unless otherwise stated, belongs to Project Xero, including all text, logos, photos, videos, templates, and other content provided by Project Xero.

 You must not copy, modify, distribute, use, exploit or make derivative works from any of the Project Xero properties except as explicitly permitted by Project Xero. User-submitted content is not owned by Project Xero, and any marks, logos, or watermarks belong to their respective users.

Membership & User Conduct


Membership on this website is available only to users of 13 years or older. By creating an account on this website, you agree that you are of the legal age in your local area to view the content listed. If you are under the age of 16 you must have consent from your parent or legal guardian to access this website. It is the responsibility of a parent or legal guardian to monitor their child's use of Project Xero. If any account is found to be used or operated by a user under the minimum legal age of their country to access this website, the account may be terminated without notice.

We strive to ensure that this website is safe to use by members of all ages. However, we cannot always control the content produced or published by its users. If you are a parent or legal guardian who has concerns about your child accessing this website or any content displayed upon it, please contact us.

While the Project Xero website, Twitter, and Instagram are available to members 13 and up, our Discord community is only usable to those who are 18 and older. While the Discord does not contain explicit or age-sensitive content, we believe that it is our responsibility to not facilitate a chatroom space where minors and adults can intermingle.



Users are expected to be kind and respectful to other members and staff. The Project Xero community is not a place for venting, ranting, or overt negativity. Please do not bring up any topics that may be harmful or upsetting to others. Please do your part to help maintain Project Xero’s positive and friendly atmosphere!

The following would violate our guidelines and be subject to warnings, strikes, or bans depending on the severity of the situation:

  • Perpetuating pedophillia, zoophilia, racism, nazism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia, and any other hateful remarks inside or outside of the group. Bigots are not welcome in our community.

  • Being rude to, bullying, or harassing anyone for any reason. If a user is problematic or causing issues, please contact a staff member and allow us to deal with it rather than harassing them.

  • Name-dropping or publicly gossiping about an individual, even if not present, to stir up drama.

  • Guilt tripping, whining, or complaining about adoptable or artwork prices. Do not beg, guilt, or harass people to try and gain characters, items, currency, or artwork.

  • Harassing another user to sell or trade their Xero to you when it is not explicitly put up for sale or trade offers.

  • Creating off-brand Xeros to sell, or copying an existing Xero’s design & selling it as a different species.

  • Scamming another user by attempting to sell or trade a character that does not belong to you, or accepting money but not transferring the design to the buyer.

  • Posting or linking to anything containing excessive violence, gore, or abuse. A small amount of blood, violence, or more tame 'candy-gore' styled artwork may be acceptable with appropriate content warnings applied, such content must be considered PG-13 at most.

  • Posting or linking to anything pornographic in nature, explicit depictions or reference to sex, fetish, and NSFW content. We do not control what our users produce in their other online spaces nor is it our business. It only becomes an issue if you are submitting it or posting links to it in our public community spaces.



You may only upload content to the site that you have ownership of, permission to use, or is free to use, such as royalty-free image backgrounds. Project Xero does not claim ownership of any user-submitted content, and any artwork uploaded to Project Xero remains the property of the respective owners.

Content embedded or linked on user profiles is not monitored by site staff but must still follow the content guidelines of Project Xero. We do not endorse any of the user-submitted content on the site. Project Xero will not be responsible or liable for content that is uploaded by the Site users. If you feel as though user content is inappropriate, please send a report to a member of our staff.



Your account requires a unique username; we recommend choosing a username similar to the one you use on other sites and social media, to help with character owner recognition. You must not use a username that is vulgar, offensive, hateful, or attempting to impersonate another individual. We may contact users, modify, or void usernames if we believe they do not follow these rules. You must keep your password secure and confidential. Users are not permitted to share accounts or make "joint" accounts with each other.

Making multiple accounts in order to gain extra free items or account-bound benefits (MYO slots, FTO status, etc.) is strictly forbidden. If you are making a new account to change your username, just contact a member of the staff team instead; we can change your username for you. In the event of a ban, the banned user cannot create or use another account.

Your account and access to your account is non-transferrable and cannot be given away, traded to, or sold to another user or person for any reason. The sale or trade of in-game items or currency for "real life" items or currency is prohibited. In-game items from Project Xero can only be exchanged for other Project Xero in-game items, Project Xero virtual currency, Project Xero characters, or Project Xero related artworks.



When you make an account on Project Xero, you must link either a DeviantArt account or a Twitter account, to verify your identity. Project Xero will not, and does not have the ability to control or access any personal information on your DeviantArt or Twitter account, or post anything on your behalf using your account. 



Small or accidental rule breaks will be issued a warning and a request for the member to re-read the rules. Larger, more severe rule breaks or continuing to break rules after receiving a warning will result in the user being issued a strike. If a user receives 3 strikes, then that user will be subject to a ban or suspension. Duration of the ban or suspension is dependent on the severity of the situation.



Project Xero may terminate your access to the site with no prior notice if you fail to comply with any obligation in this agreement. Termination (banning) is handled on a case-by-case basis, usually in congruence with our ‘Warning & Strike’ system. However, if the offense is severe enough (scamming, cheating, chargebacks, abuse, etc.) the strike system may be bypassed in favor of a direct ban.

Upon termination of your account or this agreement:

You will immediately cease all use of the site, our Discord group, or interaction with our social media pages; you will have no further access to your Project Xero account.

Bans may be permanent, or may be a limited-time suspension (2 weeks to 6 months) depending on the severity of the situation.

Character ownership is handled separately from account termination, please read through our Character Ownership Terms.



Xeros are a
closed species concept belonging to NeonSlushie and ScrapTeeth; you are not allowed to make one freely without permission. You cannot make species adoptables of them (free, paid, or otherwise) without permission. These rules pertain to the ownership, resale, and trade of Project Xero designs.



When you own a Project Xero character, you own the personal, non-commercial rights to that character. Project Xero owns the commercial rights to the character's species as a concept, but does not claim any personal or commercial rights to any unique and individual character you own.

Each Xero may have only one owner. Co-owning is not allowed, nor officially recognized on the Masterlist. Any ownership disputes regarding unofficial co-owning will not be handled by Project Xero staff.

There is no limit to the amount of Project Xero characters you can own.

All ownership changes (including trading, gifting, or selling) must be done through the Project Xero Masterlist on-site to be considered official. If you own Project Xero characters but do not currently have a Project Xero account and wish not to have one, you can contact Project Xero and we will update your masterlist entry with the ownership transfer. However, we strongly recommend making an account.

Personal rights to a character design means that you hold the ability to do the following:

  • Give the character a name, pronouns, backstory, personality, etc.

  • Use the character on this website and for this website's services.

  • Display the original artwork and any artwork depicting the character on this website or in an offsite online gallery if credits to the artist(s) and designer(s) are included.

  • Create or commission new artwork or writing for the character, or physical items such as plushies, sculptures, fursuits, etc.

  • Make edits to the character design by creating new artwork of the design within the design editing guidelines. All edits must be approved by staff before they are considered official.

  • Sell, trade, or gift the character to another user, as long as you are in line with the character's current transfer limitations and follow sale rules.


By owning a Project Xero character you are agreeing that you will not do the following:

  • Sell a character above its listed sale value unless granted an exception.

  • Attempt to sell or trade a character design to multiple different users at one time.

  • Claiming any artwork or designs as your creation if they were not created by you, or otherwise mis-crediting a design or piece of artwork.

  • Create copies or reproductions of the design or its likeness to be transferred to other users.

  • Use the character design for commercial purposes.



Each Xero’s Masterlist entry lists their original sale price in U.S. dollars; this is called the sale value. Free or unpaid Xeros are given a $50 sale value. Any Xero can be resold for its sale value on the Masterlist, unless stated otherwise.

The sale value on the Masterlist can be increased by adding on the price of any artwork or physical items purchased from another artist of the character. Any free or unpaid artwork collected of the character does not count towards its sale value.

This rule is to allow users to be fairly compensated for their investment into a character when reselling. Beyond this, however, users are forbidden to exploit the sale & trade rules to profit on a regular basis or in a way that staff deems exploitative.

To update your Xero’s sale value on its Masterlist entry, see this page. [coming soon!]

Any Project Xero characters can be traded or gifted, unless stated otherwise. Xeros may be traded for other Xeros, characters of other closed species, one-off character designs, merchandise and physical items, etc.

Users can freely take monetary commissions to draw other’s Xeros, as well as be paid to design other’s MYO slots.

All Xeros are subject to a 48-hour cooldown period after being transferred, meaning that if you just obtained a Xero through a sale or trade, you must wait 48 hours before you can list it for sale or trade again.



You are allowed to make small design edits to your Xero, such as changing a blue to a different shade, changing the flesh color or eye color, changing the hair style or length, removing or adding small markings, etc.

Large design edits or adding special traits may require items to be used in order to update the design. Please see our Redesign Guide for all the information!

If desired, you are allowed to make alternate 'forms' for your Xero with the same design in any species you have permission to make; for example, turning your Xero into a wolf design with the same colors and markings. If you do this and you later decide to transfer your Xero, you must include any alternate forms in the transfer. You cannot sell one and keep one for yourself.

If you turn an existing character of yours into a Project Xero character, you must credit the original designer of that character on the Masterlist.



A Xero’s design can be voided if the owner no longer wants the character involved with the Project Xero ARPG. A voided character is permanently removed from the Masterlist and is no longer considered a Xero and cannot be called one. The voided character will instead be considered a regular alien character; you must remove notable Xero features from your character design, such as the forked tongue, pouch, and give the character regular dragon or reptile-like nostrils. You could also convert the design into a regular animal species such as a wolf or fox, or make it into an alien cat design, etc. 

Voiding a design is permanent and cannot be reversed for any reason, so it is strongly recommended that users think carefully before deciding to remove a Xero from the community. Staff will never force you to void your character, even if you have been banned.



A user may receive multiple warnings or strikes for offenses before a ban is considered. However, bans may be enacted immediately for major offenses. Users must be familiar with the Project Xero Terms of Service and character ownership rules, but we will do our best to communicate with any and all users who have broken rules or may be at risk of doing so.

A user that has been banned from Project Xero is allowed to keep their existing characters but cannot acquire new Project Xero characters by any means, be it buying, gifting, trading, etc.

The banned user is still able to use, sell, and trade their characters if desired, but cannot acquire new characters. In order to do this, the user must contact a member of the Project Xero staff. Final sales and trades of Project Xero characters by banned users will be observed by staff. 

Any characters obtained by a banned user at any time after they have been notified of their ban will have their trade or sale reversed by request of Project Xero and the owner. Do not attempt to acquire a Project Xero character if you have been banned.

Revocation is only used by Project Xero in extreme cases at our discretion such as those involving theft, scamming, or convicted criminal behavior. Characters possessed by banned users before they were banned will​ be revoked if the banned user obtained them by scamming or theft. Any characters obtained lawfully by the banned user will be treated at the discretion of Project Xero staff.

Revoked characters will be rehomed at the discretion of staff. In the case of scamming or theft, we will transfer the character to the previous owner or victim of theft.

In the event of a chargeback on payment for a character design towards any member of staff, we reserve the right to revoke ownership of the character design and regain our original ownership.


Official Sales



It is the responsibility of the buyer to fully read and understand the Terms of Service and any rules listed at the time of an official sale.

All bids, offers, and claims on any sale posts should be made seriously. Bids, claims, or chosen offers cannot be retracted and are final. Retracting bids or claims after you, the buyer, are the top bidder or have been chosen as the winner of the design could potentially see you banned from participating in future sales or trades. 

In the case that you, as the bidder, do need to back out of a sale it must be done at least 24 hours before the end of the sale to let the seller know. Backing out of an autobuy will have the offending user banned regardless of reason.

Failure to contact the artist to warn of a cancelled bid or claim (ie: if a bid or claim comment is hidden without warning) will result in the offending user being banned from participating in future sales.



All payments for designs, commissions, and custom slots are made in USD through PayPal. The buyer will be invoiced for all payments. Any payments sent outside of an official invoice will be refunded and will not count towards the purchase.

A claimed design or custom slot must be paid for within 24 hours of the invoice being sent unless otherwise discussed with the artist. If payment is not sent within this time, the design or slot may be put up for sale again for another user to purchase.

After all required payments are complete, you will receive the full resolution image of your design, and the design will be transferred to your Project Xero account.

Any transactions involving USD or other real-life currency will not be conducted with users under the age of 18, unless express permission is received from a parent or guardian. Project Xero staff reserve the right to refuse service to anyone under the age of 18 for any reason.

Minors are able to participate in other events not involving the exchange of real-life currency over PayPal. This includes but is not limited to raffles, gifts, trades, Draw To Adopt events, and MYOs (not including USD slots).

Refunds will not be given for any purchased adoptable designs. All sales are final.



Full payment must be received before work on a custom will begin, unless stated otherwise. Full refunds can be given at any time if no work has been started on the custom design.

Unfinished custom slots cannot be traded or resold while they are in progress. You must wait for the design to be completed before transferring. If a custom slot is no longer desired, it cannot be transferred to another user, it must be cancelled and refunded.

Work in progress images (WIPS) can be requested at any time once a custom has been started. WIPS are sent normally at the sketch and a colored sketch concept, before completing the design. Changes can be made to the design until the client is satisfied with it.