From Merlot’s Sketchbook: The Teropita

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From Merlot’s Sketchbook: The Teropita

“We didn’t expect to see such a rare sight today! I had thought they had gone extinct when I brought it up to Akira, but there they were!! They were feasting on some fruit at the top of the canopy, and I think that’s what they usually eat since they were kind of coordinating with each other with their tails almost as if they have a social hierarchy where they decide who gets the best fruits for the day! Maybe they let the little one have the ripest fruit today as the littlest one got one of the bigger fruits.”

“Oh and their appearance was just majestic! With their big hard beaks, long and flowing tails, and sharp claws they certainly have no trouble eating nuts with a big beak I’d think! Plus with the way they were moving though the branches it seemed almost second nature!! I don’t want to tell her this but I think the reason why they’re critically endangered is because of their brilliant and sometimes blue and white plumage. I’d imagine that would make them easier targets…”

“The good news though is that there’s more than they told us there would be, so it looks like they are making a recovery! I’d really love to see them thrive as the Nuii region really has seen better days. I’m just glad we even got a chance to see them! I should ask Akira tomorrow to take a picture of them tomorrow to get a perfect depiction of them, but for now I think this will have to do! Hoping to see them some more tomorrow!!”

From Merlot’s Sketchbook: The Teropita
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