[Survey] Friendship..?

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Fleet narrowed his eyes and drummed his claws on the table. Suddenly he grinned and threw a set of cards down on the table. "Royal flush! Read it and weep."

Leo blinked before groaning. He placed his own cards face down before flicking a single prestige in Fleet's direction. Fleet caught the prestige and stashed it away. He grinned smugly at the other xero. "Yeah sure. Live it up." Leo huffed. "One day your luck will run out." He crossed his arms.

Fleet put his hands behind his head and leaned back. "You can keep thinking that, but luck has nothing to do with it." He put a hand on his chest. "It's pure skill."

"You're insufferable." Leo growled, leaning forward.

"And so are you." Fleet pointed at Leo. "Yet here we are."

Leo simply stared at him before shaking his head. "Remind me why I put up with you again?"

"Beats me." Fleet shrugged. "At this point I think we only hang out because neither of us wanna back down first."

"Seems reasonable enough." Leo hummed. The sat sat in an oddly comfortable silence for a while. To be fair Fleet wasn't much for conversation and neither was Leo from what he could gather. You'd think it would make it hard for the two to hang out but their similar personalities actually made it pretty easy. Neither were in the mood to talk? Great, that worked for both of them. Leo drummed his claws on the table. "Any luck in your search?" Leo asked after a while of the two enjoying the silence. He seemed uninterested, but the other xero wouldn't have asked if that were the case.

Fleet sighed through his nose. "Not yet." He glared at nothing in particular, the universe maybe. "I'll find him though, and I'll make sure he regrets ever vanishing." He growled.

"As you should." Leo nodded. "Let me know when you find him so I can kick his butt."

"Get in line." Fleet narrowed his eyes. "He's mine first."

"Yeah, yeah." Leo waved a hand. "You'll get your shot first."

It was... nice in a weird way that Leo was willing to fight someone for him. Though at this point Fleet would probably do the same. Since neither of them were keen to admit they actually liked each other it was the best way to tell either of them actually cared. The two once more lapsed into silence. It gave Fleet a chance to calm the anger that always came with thinking about... him. Of course anger wasn't the only emotion that surfaced with thoughts of him but it was the easiest to focus on. Maybe he should be trying to cope with all this in a slightly more healthy way but Leo reacting similarly, once Fleet actually told him about what happened, had him feeling more justified. Maybe he was just over thinking the whole thing. Honestly he probably was, it was something he'd been told he did on multiple occasions.

Fleet leaned back and just stared at the ceiling. Sometimes the silence was a little off putting, he'd grown far to used to listening intently to whatever chatter was thrown his way. He didn't mind hanging out with Leo of course. Though the events were usually rather spontaneous, one of them just showing up uninvited to the other's place. It worked, but it could also cause issues sometimes. Particularly when one of them wasn't home.

"Well I'm gonna head out." Leo stood up, stretching.

"Don't hurry coming back." Fleet huffed, looking over at Leo.

"Same to you. If I ever see you again it'll be too soon." Leo waved over his shoulder. "You know where I live, so you can avoid it."

Fleet smirked. "Of course. I wouldn't dream of getting anywhere near that place you call a home."

"Good. Later." With that Leo was gone. Fleet huffed. Well at least he was making friends.

[Survey] Friendship..?
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