[Survey] Spring Cleaning

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“Good morning, today is the first day of spring!” Xee started the morning routine “the weather today will be cloudy with a small chance of rain later in the day, your order at the bakery is placed and will be ready for pickup in 15 minutes”. A loud groan could be heard as Nyx slowly rolled out of bed, sitting at the edge for a bit before gathering herself to take a quick shower, “Xee, play early morning vibes”. The small smartspeaker made a beeping noise and a punk rock song started playing. 

“Good morning Nyx!” the Xero at the bakery waved when she walked in. Nyx stuck her paw in the air holding up two fingers a bit like a peace sign as a hello wave. “I noticed Xee already placed your order, thanks again for writing that ordering system by the way” the Xero started making Nyx’s morning drink. “All of my customers are really enjoying it and it makes my work a lot easier as well!”. She handed Nyx the bag and her cup, “good to hear you like it and please let me know if you find any bugs” Nyx said before walking at the door of the bakery.

As she walked through the door, she asked Xee about the planning for today while eating her fresh breakfast and enjoying her milk tea. 

“Your planning for today is a physical and digital spring cleaning. Time to clean the closet, drawers, fridge and everything else, don't forget to do your laundry and bring all trash to recycling. You also need to check if your files are ordered, all recent bug reports are fixed or being worked on and clean out the mailbox.”

It took a bit of time to clean out all the drawers and closets, Nyx first emptied everything on the floor to then figure out what belonged together and what should have been thrown in the trash weeks ago. After that she cleaned everything and collected all the recycling and laundry to take downstairs to the recycling bins and the communal laundry space of the apartment building. She scratched her neck after realizing how many Extrero Energy cans she collected, “I might need to drink a bit less of these energy drinks…” she laughed awkwardly “Xee, please add Extrero Energy to my grocery order” and Xee responded with a confirming beep. 

The loud laundry machines and dryers could be heard from down the hallway as Nyx carried her laundry basket around. “Nyx honey, I'm having some issues with my printer. It keeps making a funky sound and refuses to print anything” Delores greeted her as soon as she walked in. She's a kind old lady that lives in the apartment building and she even brings Nyx some delicious leftovers every now and then but god she is so bad with technology. Since she discovered Nyx works with computers she just assumed that Nyx is your average IT Xero, maybe better than knowing that the Xero next door might be hacking the government while you're cooking spaghetti. “Alright Delores, I'll put my laundry in the machine and then we can walk to your place really quick to have a look” the lady smiled “you're such a darling”. 

“Ah I see, there is a piece of paper jammed in the printer drum and it also looks like your Yellow ink is low, where do you keep the bottles with the ink to fill it?” Delores already disappeared and while Nyx fixed the jammed paper she'd been busy not only grabbing the bottle but she also brought a plate with cookies and a small container. “I have some leftover chili noodles from yesterday for you and please enjoy a cookie or two while you're working”. They talked a bit before heading back down to take out the laundry. Nyx wishes Delores a nice evening, thanking her again for the food and Delores responded like she always did “no worries honey, thank you for helping me with those pesky technology things”

The microwave pinged and Nyx grabbed the noodles and a can of Extrero before sitting down at the desk to start the digital cleaning. “Xee, can you please set the alarm a bit later tomorrow I want to sleep in” the confirmation beep could be heard as Nyx started eating and typing hoping to finish quickly and enjoy a long night of sleep. 

[Survey] Spring Cleaning
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In ARC Survey ・ By Chimerasite

First day of spring! Time to do some physical and digital cleaning 

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