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ARC Survey: 004

ARC Survey: 004

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Would your Xero change any of their mutations? Click 'Show Details' for the rules.




Greetings! By now I assume many of you have seen the ARC bulletin, so I figured I’d give a bit of an explanation. Part of my job here with the XERO project involves maintaining active data collection about subjects such as…well, you!

As you know, the project has evolved significantly from our initial scope. As such, one of our goals is to ensure that everyone is fitting in well and adapting to life in the Aluriza Reserve. We also are collecting any feedback you may have regarding your experiences! Such information is extremely helpful, as it allows us to view our culture from an outside perspective and see where we can adapt and grow. Your feedback also helps us with the process of introducing newly-created Xeros to their new life, so that they’ll settle in smoothly. Our goal is to ensure that each and every Xero can find a place to thrive in AREZ. It’s important to make sure your needs as a species are met—especially as your numbers grow!

However, I don’t want this process to become an inconvenience—I've seen how busy some of you can be!—so we'll keep the surveys to a monthly release. OH—and yes, for each successful response, we’ll give you access to the Lab ADC, where we keep various supplies involved in our experiments. Some of the stuff in there might be pretty hard to find elsewhere!

Anyways, thanks in advance for your time. I can’t wait to see what you guys have been up to!
Dr. Naes


ARC Survey: 004

ARC Survey: 004
Greetings Xeros! I hope you are all having a good time with your (mostly) bipedal experience! Our logistics team will be happy to know exactly how many more shoes they need to order for new hatchlings, they go through them so fast…

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, and this time we have our Psychology department to thank for this question! Your biology is remarkably adaptable, able to respond to and utilize local environmental conditions. But as much as we understand this process on a physical level, we do not know how it feels to be capable of such drastic physical change. While there are many introspective questions that arise from this, let's start with a simple one: if you could remove or add any mutation to yourself, what would it be and why?



Due to genetic engineering, Xeros can display a wide range of different mutations. They can even change these mutations at will: by eating tailor-made plants from the ARC Greenhouse, they are able to trigger their unique physiology to change in a controlled manner. This allows certain new traits to appear on any Xero. Does your Xero wish they could change any of their current mutations? Maybe they think they would look cooler with horns, or maybe they wish they could get rid of their heavy, hot Tundra Fur during the summer months! Any answer is valid, but what does your Xero think?

Draw your Xero with the traits they wish they could have, this could be removing traits they don't like, or adding traits they think would look cool. You can do this from the perspective of traits you as the owner want, or it could be from the Xero's perspective! If you are writing a story, you could write about a situation where one of their traits is causing an inconvenience or a different trait could have come in handy. You can find all of the current available traits HERE!


When submitting your entry for this prompt, please upload your piece to our Survey Gallery here! Art & writing uploaded to the Project Xero gallery also earns 1 Prestige.

Don't have your own Xero yet? You can draw or write about Ziggy, our mascot! You can read all about him on his profile. You may also ask permission to use another member's Xero in our Discord. However, if you do already own a Xero, you must use your own Xero and may not use Ziggy or another user's Xero.


The artwork submitted to this prompt must show good effort and adhere to the following guidelines:
★ The Xero in your artwork must belong to you, or use Ziggy (or another member's Xero, with permission!) if you do not yet own a Xero!
★ The artwork for this prompt must be at least halfbody!
★ The artwork must be full-color and should have at least relatively clean lines. Shading is optional.
★ Sketchy styles are accepted, so long as the art shows good effort and does not appear rushed.
★ You may draw multiple Xeros in a submission, but the rewards will not increase.

The writing submitted to this prompt must show good effort and adhere to the following guidelines:
★ The Xero in your writing must belong to you, or use Ziggy (or another member's Xero, with permission!) if you do not yet own a Xero!
★ The writing must be at least 500 words.
★ The writing must show good effort. You will not be judged on grammar or spelling, but please do your best!
★ You may write about multiple Xeros in a story, but the rewards will not increase.

★ This prompt may only be submitted once per month. There will be a new survey each month!
★ Artwork or writing submitted must be new and created by you. It cannot be traced or created on a preexisting template or base.
Ziggy (the Project Xero mascot) or another user's Xero may only be used if you do not currently own a Xero!


To submit your piece for this prompt, follow the instructions below!

1. First, upload your art or writing to our on-site Survey Gallery.

2. Fill out all of the related information. Add a title and description, and from the Prompt drop-down box, select "ARC Survey". Click the "Add Character" button, and add the code for the character(s) featured in the piece. The code can be found on the character's Masterlist entry, it is the last part of the URL for their page or their number on the Masterlist. Submit the piece!

3. Copy the URL of the piece posted to the Gallery, and click "Submit Prompt" for ARC Survey.

4. Paste the URL of your piece to the "Submission URL" box. You can ignore all of the other fields in the prompt submission. The rewards are added automatically for you!

5. Submit your prompt, and wait! A member of the team will review and accept it for you. Your account will receive a notification once the submission is approved!

This prompt may only be submitted once per user per month!



All survey participants will receive the following rewards for participating:

1 Mysterious ORB

This ORB always contains 1 of the following:

This ORB will also contain 1 of the following:


THIS Survey ENDS Friday, September 3oth AT 11:59 PM EST / 8:59 PM PST



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Mysterious ORB 1
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