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Baker's Bash!

Baker's Bash!

Ends: 22 July 2024, 00:00:00 EDT (2 days from now)

Bake a desert in real life to celebrate the 3rd Project Xero Anniversary! Click 'Show Details' for the rules.



Craving something sweet? Now is the perfect time to treat youself to a little homemade desert! Make & share pictures of any baked goods that you feel would be fit for an Alurizian celebration. Whether it be cake, cookies, parfait, pies, macaroons, tarts or more, we want to see what you'd bring to the party!
When submitting your entry for this prompt, you may upload to our Discord’s #food thread under our #off-topic channel, or to another image hosting website (Stash, Dropbox, Imgur, etc.), then copy and paste that link when submitting!


The photo(s) submitted to this prompt must show good effort and adhere to the following guidelines:

★ The prepared food must be food  you've made yourself, not something purchased ready-made from the grocery store (or a family/friend's work!) However pre-made cake mixes, pie crust, canned fillings and the like may be used to create your dessert!
★ The food made should be something relevant to deserts, whether it be hot or cold! We are accepting a wide varity for this prompt!
★ Include your ProjectXero username on a slip of paper in your photo. 

★ This prompt may only be submitted once per person.
No premade works may be used.


To submit your piece for this prompt, follow the instructions below!

1. First, upload your photo(s) to our community Discord in #food  thread under our #off-topic channel or to another image hosting website. Be sure the photo(s) includes your ProjectXero username written out on paper. Copy the URL of your photo.
2. Navigate to 'Baker's Bash!' under World>Prompts. 
3. Paste the URL of your photo into the “Submission URL” box. If you have multiple photos you may post those URLs into “Comments” however this will not increase your rewards. 
4. Hit “Submit Prompt” for Baker's Bash! You can ignore all of the other fields in the prompt submission. The rewards are added automatically for you!
5. Submit your prompt, and wait! A member of the team will review and accept it for you. Your account will receive a notification once the submission is approved!


Baker's Bash can only be submitted once per user.
THIS Prompt ENDS SUNDAy, july 21st AT 11:59 PM EST / 8:59 PM PST


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