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Passport Application

Passport Application

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Register your Xero by filling out a Passport for them! Click 'Show Details' for the rules.



A passport is provided to every Alurizan citizen and becomes an essential part of life in the AREZ. As the concept of borders is archaic by the standards of a multi-cultural space-faring republic, there needed to be a way to ensure safety of travel for its members; this comes in the form of the AREZ Passport.
The ability to travel vast distances to other planets presents many challenges to a healthy society, and so each passport contains the owner's medical data. In case of emergency or communicable disease, this information becomes a vital database accessible wherever the traveler goes.
In addition, the passports are highly customizable, allowing the owner to keep their travel information, such as any event tokens and tickets handy. It also makes it easy to send your contact information to any travelers you might encounter that you want to keep in touch with. It's your all-in-one travel companion!

Register your Xero by filling out a Passport for them! A Passport is a required key item to participate in certain future activities with your Xero.

This prompt focuses on helping you develop your Xero a bit more. What is their name? What pronouns do they use? Will you use the date they were uploaded to the Masterlist as their birthday, or pick something custom? And finally, where do they live?

When submitting your entry for this prompt, please upload your piece to our Passport Gallery here! Art & writing uploaded to the Project Xero gallery also earns 5 Prestige.


The template for the Passport can be found HERE. There is a layered PSD and a flattened image available for your use! If you'd like to match the font, this is the font used, but feel free to use any font.
Please only add the Marine Expedition stamp to your passport if you participated in this event!

Fill out your character's information on the passport and add a "photo" of them.
1. The ID # should be your Xero's Masterlist number. (Ex: Ziggy is X-025)
2. Add your Xero's name. You can name them whatever you want!
3. Add your Xero's pronouns.
4. Add your Xero's birthdate. You can use the date they were uploaded to the Masterlist, or make up a date that suits them!
5. Finally, pick an area of residence for them. Check out our Locations page for a few canon ideas of where your Xero could live, or feel free to make up your own location off-planet! They can live anywhere!


The artwork submitted to this prompt must show good effort and adhere to the following guidelines:
★ The Xero in your artwork must belong to you!
★ The artwork must be a bust that fits within the box. No floating heads!
★ You may use the symmetry tool if desired.
★ The artwork must be full-color and should have at least relatively clean lines. Shading is optional.
★ Sketchy styles are accepted, so long as the art shows good effort and does not appear rushed.
★ If you do not draw, you may fill in the Passport with your Xero's Masterlist image, but you will receive only 15 Prestige instead of 50.

★ This prompt may only be submitted once per Xero you own.
★ Artwork submitted must be new and created by you. It cannot be traced or created on a preexisting template or base. The exception is if you choose to use your Xero's Masterlist art for the prompt, though this option includes fewer rewards.
★ Non-owners cannot use Ziggy (the Project Xero mascot) for this prompt. You must use your own Xero!


To submit your piece for this prompt, follow the instructions below!

1. First, upload your art or writing to our on-site Passport Gallery.

2. Fill out all of the related information. Add a title and description, and from the Prompt drop-down box, select "Passport Application". Click the "Add Character" button, and add the code for the character featured in the piece. The code can be found on the character's Masterlist entry, it is the last part of the URL for their page or their number on the Masterlist. Submit the piece!

3. Copy the URL of the piece posted to the Gallery, and click "Submit Prompt" for Passport Application.

4. Paste the URL of your piece to the "Submission URL" box. You can ignore all of the other fields in the prompt submission. The rewards are added automatically for you!

5. Submit your prompt, and wait! A member of the team will review and accept it for you. Your account will receive a notification once the submission is approved!

This prompt may only be submitted once per xero you own.



Reward Amount
AREZ Passport 1
Prestige 50
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