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Real Life Expedition

Go on a "real life" expedition! Go to a local park or accredited zoo, and look for interesting plants and animals. Click 'Show Details' for the rules!


CONTENT WARNING: This prompt contains example photos of insects!


Go on a "real life" expedition! Go to a local park, accredited zoo, or even just your backyard and look for interesting plants and animals.
STAY SAFE WHILE OUT AND ABOUT! Wear a mask if you will be in proximity to other people, and please only go to a zoo or aquarium if you feel safe doing so in your area. Take photos of interesting things you see. Obviously this is easy to do at a zoo, but if you're at a park you might have to get a bit more adventurous!
See a cool mushroom on a log? A squirrel or duck? Snap a picture! Identify each plant or animal you photograph, and write 1 fact about it! Must be at least 5 different specimens. Remember to wash your hands after your excursion!
BONUS: While you can do this prompt just with photos and writing, if you decide to also sketch the plants and animals, you will earn 10 bonus Prestige, for a total of 30!


Why must the zoo or aquarium be "accredited"? Click here to learn more!
While I can't stop anyone from visiting a non-accredited establishment, I strongly urge you to research and understand why putting your money towards and supporting accredited zoos is important to animal welfare, public education, and conservation!


To receive rewards you must:
★ Go to a local park, accredited zoo or aquarium, your backyard, etc.
★ Take pictures of at least 5 different animals or plants that are interesting. You can take photos over several trips if you cannot find any local wildlife! Please take the photos yourself, don't just use ones you find online.
★ Your photos must contain at least one interesting plant (or fungus) and one animal, with the remaining 3 photos being either! You cannot submit all plants or all animals. Animals and plants must be wild, you cannot use domestic animals such as dogs, cats, and livestock, or farm crops or other home-grown plants.
★ After your expedition, research the flora & fauna you photographed and do your best to correctly identify each one. Write its common name and scientific name, and one fact about it. You may compile your photos & info into a collage (example above) - or you can upload them all to a folder, and write the information in the comments section [CLICK HERE FOR AN EXAMPLE!]

BONUS: While you can do this prompt just with photos and writing, if you decide to also sketch the plants and animals, you will earn 10 bonus Prestige, for a total of 30! Your sketches must be included with your Prompt submission.


To submit your proof for this prompt, follow the instructions below!
1. Compile all of your photos & information either into a collage (example) or into a folder with text in the comments (example). If you are not able to do it either of those ways, you could also just include your text information in the Prompt submission comment box.

2. Upload your collage or individual pictures somewhere (, Imgur, Dropbox, etc.) and copy the URL to the collage/folder.

4. Paste the URL of the image or folder to the "Submission URL" box for this prompt. You can ignore all of the other fields in the prompt submission. The rewards are added automatically for you!

5. Submit your prompt, and wait! A member of the team will review and accept it for you. Your account will receive a notification once the submission is approved!

This prompt may only be submitted once per month. It resets on the 1st of each month!



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Prestige 20
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