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Resale Value Approval

Resale Value Approval

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If you wish to update your Xeros worth, please follow the instructions below! Click “details” for more info!


This is where you go to get your Xero's worth updated; either for bookkeeping or in preparation for selling your character! Once this prompt is filled out and approved, we will update your Xero's sale value on the site! You may then sell that Xero for the approved price!

Xeros cannot be sold above their listed sale value on the Masterlist, unless sold for a 'Proposed Value' through our Discord. See the pinned post in our #xero-marketplace channel for more information!

★ Gift art/trade art/personal art DOES NOT COUNT towards your Xero's sale value! Please do not submit art that you did not pay for. If there are pieces by a previous owner that have not been put in a value update before, please contact them to receive the proof of purchase to add them to your value update.


All the new PAID art/writing/etc. that has not yet been accounted for in the Xero’s value
Receipts for each submitted piece of art (PayPal screenshots or DMs confirming payment, etc.)
A ToyHouse hosting for the Xero & art being submitted is preferred. If this is not possible, please keep your images saved on a dedicated hosting website like, imgur, dropbox, etc., for our own organizational purposes!

If you do not have a ToyHouse account but would like to make one, feel free to ask for an invite in our Discord


Please fill out this form in the comments section when submitting your Resale Value Approval Prompt!

Section A (repeat for each piece of art)
Artwork: (A link to a specific artwork)
Value of Artwork: (Price paid for this artwork)
Proof of Value: (Screenshot showing proof that this commission was bought for that amount)

Section B

Base Value: (The original price listed on the site)
Art Value: (The total value of that art you provided above)
New Value: (Base Value + Art Value)


1. Make sure that you are submitting to the 'Xero Value Update' prompt.

2. In the Comments section, copy and paste the above form with your information filled out.

3. Scroll down to “Characters” and add the character that this value update is for. If you have multiple characters to update, please submit a separate prompt for each character!

4. Submit your prompt, and wait! A member of the team will review and accept it for you; your account will receive a notification once the submission is approved! Once approved, the Xero in question will have their updated sale value added to their Masterlist entry!

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