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25 February 2023, 00:52:09 EST (1 year ago)
26 February 2023, 14:33:29 EST (1 year ago) by Frouzon


submitting mine here if thats okay!! (I dont like my work public when its writing haha))

Dear aTiga,

It's a bit weird to write myself a letter, though I guess it could be weirder! Nevertheless i'd like to say that with this new year of ours I hope that in the coming days we can improve on ourself and maybe change our bad habits for the better. Er you know, like how we ALWAYS leave dishes in the sink! man it really makes the place look like a dump you know? Though I guess it could be worse, at least were keeping up with our laundry! That reminds me... Maybe buying glasses might be a swell idea too. It's hard to see alot of things that are too far away, especially bill boards ugh. Usually I don't mind but it's gotten worse over time! It stinks i cant look over the imagery on the billboards cus I really liked reading what they said! maybe I do want a cinnamon roll from sonars! Anyway it's not the biggest pet peeve but overall i'd like to change with the seasons yknow? Self improvement! but another thing, one my favorite games is about to release and im plenty excited about that I mean it's not every day your favorite game gets transferred over to the latest console! It's been around for a couple decades now but it finally got a remake after so long... Well im chatting up a storm aren't I? I didn't expect to be so full of ideas and commentary, so i hope when you read this in the future you dont roll your eyez over how much im ramnling on and on over something so trivial. I also hope you're enjoying your life when you read this too! it'd be really fun to know that at least to me.. well ive gotta hop off! gotta catch the train to work after all, see ya!

your pal,Tiga


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