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Boolews.... What were they? A pet?? A insect that was a bit too squishy?? Tiga had no clue, however one was seated right before him in his office as he sat far away from it eyeing the small being. His coworker, Franklin had come bursting in excitedly about how Boolews had finally reached enough popularity that a boolew pet store had opened up in his town. An unfortunate situation for Tiga given the fact he actually DETESTED boolews in all their wiggly..... Wormy.... Ways... When the xero had come in and plopped the terrarium holding the boolew on the other's desk he immedietely had pulled back in his chair scooting back away from it. Franklin however was rambling off now about how cute they were as he spoke up. "These guys are amazing! the ladies love em and not to mention they even do cool tricks!! ya wanna see Tiga? I bet if you bought a boolew it could help ya find some friends finally outside of work!" The xero beamed patting his own chest in pride as he puffed up. Though Tiga had a expression upon his face that definitely read "Uh i don't wanna hear about this..." With that, Tiga moved to get up and spoke "No thank you, im good..." He moved to head out as Franklin called out after him "Hey come on man! these Boolew's are real cute I think you'd like one if you just gave it some thought!!" Tiga however vanished out the door after grabbing his long overcoat and headed out, leaving the building behind as rain was pattering outside his irritability obvious on his face. Though once the Xero was outside he was walking along when he paused by himself to note the sounds of wriggling in the rain. He stopped momentarily to glance down a alleyway he wad walking past when he blankly stared as he noticed a blue boolew by itself shivering underneath a soaked newspaper to escape from the rain. Tiga stared at it a bit before sighing and moving to pull on gloves from his coats pocket and then moved to crouch near the boolew speaking up "Hey little buddy- You okay?" He reached out shakily to notice the Boolew moving a bit aback from his grasp before pressing its head into his hand causing Tiga to shudder in disgust then leave it to pick up the Boolew "Agh... Well i cant just leave you here I guess..." He mumbled petting the boolew "....I guess you guys are kinda cute." He shook his head then moved to carry the Boolew with him onto his apartment where he would take care of the little guy until it could recover from the cold scenario it had been placed in. Though truth be told, Tiga would still say he detested boolews, but his coworkers have taken note of a picture frame on his desk of a blue boolew looking up at the camera in a plushie bed hugging a small pillow happily as it wore a bell collar...


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X-462: Tiga

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