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Lantern fruit is scientifically a fruit.


Upon your arrival to the Greenhouse, the warm smell of freshly-tilled earth floats to you on the breeze. A peculiar Korso greets you at the entrance. She's dressed in what could only be described as khaki rags that just barely resemble overalls. The knees are stained with dirt and grass, with visible signs of mending and ornate patches where the fabric has torn. Her hair is kept out of her four twinkling eyes with a very chic bandana, and as she spots you, she gives you a wide smile and removes her red gardening gloves.

"Oh! You must be one of the volunteers. Dropping off some more fertilizer?" It's a pretty innocuous question, but she beams at you as she says it. Her sunny attitude is contagious and you're inclined to strike up a chat, but she pipes up again before you can. "Right this way, then! Oh, the plants will be so happy, and all thanks to your hard work!"

As you follow behind her, she chirps to you—and maybe to herself. “You know this entire thing is a little silly—we Korso know it’s the Lantern Fruit, but really, I'm just thankful that this competition has seemed to inspire so many others to learn about plants. Oh, if you could see the hubbub we're getting at the Greenhouse! We had people showing up here trying to take pictures and ask us for quotes...although I'm not sure how much there is to truly say about a fruit that is so obviously a fruit!”

Inside the Greenhouse, the air is thicker and warmer: a welcome change compared to the brisk fall winds from outside. As you watch Tilly carefully spread the fertilizer among the plants, you get the feeling she wholeheartedly believes her assertion to be true.


Gaining Points
Points can be earned by:

Current Stage: Flowering

Turning In Points

Points earned from prompts are credited to your account automatically, but fertilizer must be turned in by the user. After crafting a fertilizer item, you can gain your points by selecting the item in your inventory, clicking the checkboxes, and clicking "Sell Item".

Once you have points, submit them here to add them to your team score!

Current stage is calculated based on overall team scores.

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Team Leader: Tilly

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Super Fruit (200 Standing)
Ripe (100 Standing)
Ripening (75 Standing)
Fruiting (50 Standing)
Flowering (25 Standing)
Sprout (10 Standing)
Seed (0 Standing)

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