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Lantern Fruit is a culinary vegetable.


The tile floor is cool beneath your paws as you pass through the small receptionist area, checking a neaby sign for directions. The decor here is sleek and industrial, mixed in with pops of carefully tended greenery. On one wall, a waterfall trickles down, filling the room with a smell like fresh rain.

You’ve scheduled a meeting with the renounced food critic Vas’Amargo after seeing him take the initiative to head the Greenhouse's team that has been informally dubbed Team Veggie. Infamous for his scathing reviews of highly-rated restaurants, with the exception of Chef Sapid Sizzle's Torini-based location, you wonder what a high-class person like him stands to gain from an endeavor like this.

As you round the corner to his suite, you’re met with a sleek black door. You announce yourself with a crisp knock of appropriate volume—or at least you try to, but it echoes a bit throughout the room.

“Please, come in.” The voice that calls out to you is cold and formal, with a distinctive rasp. As you gingerly step into the room, you are met by a clean-cut Verrox. His pale eyes are piercing against the dark fur that frames his face. He studies you for a moment and seems to soften.

“I’d like to thank you for taking the time to volunteer for us. You have impeccable, well—taste.” He gives a curt smile, pressing his fingertips together in anticipation. Was that…a pun? You’d laugh if he wasn’t so intimidating...


Gaining Points
Points can be earned by:

Current Stage: Flowering

Turning In Points

Points earned from prompts are credited to your account automatically, but fertilizer must be turned in by the user. After crafting a fertilizer item, you can gain your points by selecting the item in your inventory, clicking the checkboxes, and clicking "Sell Item".

Once you have points, submit them here to add them to your team score!

Current stage is calculated based on overall team scores.

Member Figure

Team Leader: Vas'Amargo

Faction Ranks

Member Ranks

Super Fruit (200 Standing)
Ripe (100 Standing)
Ripening (75 Standing)
Fruiting (50 Standing)
Flowering (25 Standing)
Sprout (10 Standing)
Seed (0 Standing)

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