City inside Jurupa Forest

Can be home to characters.

 Aberion is the largest arboreal community in the Jurupa forest. Often referred to as the ‘tree city’ due to its large size, Aberion contains a wide variety of people who all call the forest their home, whether by biological imperative or just a desire for the tranquility of the deep woods. A sprawling network of tree-bound homes and hanging dwellings, an elevated lifestyle is often the norm within the Jurupa Forest, to both avoid disturbing the wildlife below and to stay safe from the danger of larger predators.
The people of Aberion have a long history of fantastic culinary feats; with the bounty of the woods available for cultivation, the flavors that come from their kitchens are said to be phenomenal, even the chefs of Harbor find themselves there for inspiration from time to time. From intimate personal experiences with the magic of the forest, to the lively and inviting culture, to a meal worth returning for, Aberion is your destination for an experience of a lifetime.