City inside Kubai Desert

Can be home to characters.

Carved directly into the rocky outcrops that line the oasis at the center of residence, the people that call B'Haddu home have found a unique harmony with nature here. By utilizing water-saving technology and residing within the cooling rock homes, people find a comfortable living staying out of the sun during the hottest times. However, it is the nighttime that brings out one of the most stunning sights on all of Owai; the crystal clear skies of the Kubai Desert reveal an amazing star display, rousing a tale from one of the many indigenous Elder Haddu about their mythic origin.
Living in B'haddu means having a close knit relationship and reliance on others to make the best of life here; where nature punishes failure harshly, a helping hand is always welcome. Artists from all over the system come to visit the Haddu, whose artisans possess legendary craftsmanship passed down through generations. Those who aren't adverse to a little sun and living close to the earth will find B'haddu a wonderful and unique place to stay.