Earth Day Giveaway & Donation Drive!

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Earth Day Free Xero Giveaway!
Join our Discord to enter!

Design by crypticfishing !

We are also doing a Donation Drive! Donate to charity and get some in-game items & currency!

Click for more info!

🌎 Happy Earth Day! Even though Alurizan lore doesn’t take place on our version of Earth, we here at Project Xero have a strong focus and passion for our environment, conservation, and sustainability from our little space on the Internet!
💰 We are also big on putting our money where our mouth is and doing Donation Drives for exclusive/rare items for various causes! This year is no different! We are running a week long drive for our Charity for this Earth Day: Oceana!
🌎 Oceana seeks to make the oceans on Earth more biodiverse and abundant by winning policy victories in the countries that govern much of the world’s marine life! This comes in the form of protecting marine habitats in all its shapes and forms, as well as working to build up sufficient fish populations to help with world hunger!
✨ Learn more below! ✨ 

💰 To participate in this donation drive, follow the instructions in the prompt below! Every 10USD you donate (Up to 30USD) can get you one of our special donation items! This time, Tato Fruit joins the party!
Click for More Information!
This donation drive will end April 30 @ 11:59 pm EST, so make sure to get your donations in before then! We'll announce the total amount after the drive is over!  🎉


🌳 One of our lovely Lab Assistants crypticfishing has made you all a Free Raffle Xero for this special day!
🐛 This wonderful glitched Xero just screams earthly goodness, and they want to come home with YOU to share that passion! 
🌳 To enter for this Xero, check out the Raffle in our Discord! This giveaway won’t be for the entire week but will last until April 23 @ 3:00 PM EST✨ This Xero is open for Everyone to join!

Thank you all for celebrating with us, and have a wonderful Earth Day! 🌎 ✨

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