[Closed] Amphibia: Frog-Inspired Xero Sale!

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Fto Flatsale Raffle


X-388: Albino Clawed Frog
Kofi Flatsale Raffle


X-389: Uluguru Tree Frog
ToyHouse Auction


X-390: Amazon Milk Frog


Toyhouse Auction


X-391: Dyeing Dart Frog
Toyhouse Auction


X-392: Fire-Bellied Toad
Toyhouse Auction


X-393: Pumpkin Toadlet


Amphibia: A frog-inspired Xero Sale by NeonSlushie !

Click for more info!

We’ve got a big one here! Bare with me as I give you all the slimy details on our very own NeonSlushie Frog Batch!
We have 6 total frogs up for grabs, with various prices and where they will be hosted! Let me give you a run down: 
Hosted In Discord (Link)
🐸 Albino Clawed Frog (A 150 Flatsale Raffle for FTO’s/NO’s!)
Uluguru Tree Frog (A 150 Flatsale Raffle for our Notable members on the Project Xero Kofi!)
These two frogs will be posted in #xero-lab (Albino Clawed Frog) for FTO's/NO's and #sales-raffles-chat (Uluguru Tree Frog) in our Kofi section of our Discord at the same time as the full previews! The entries for these flatsale raffles will be open for 24 hours, so no need to rush for these two! They will be drawn the next day at September 28, 2022 @ 3:00 PM EST!

Hosted on Toyhouse (Link)
🐸 Dyeing Dart Frog (250 AB) 
Milk Frog (250 AB) 
🐸 Fire-Bellied Toad (350 AB) 
Pumpkin Toadlet (350 AB) 

For our Toyhouse hosted frogs, we will post their full designs 2 hours before they are open for bidding!
Bidding will begin at September 27, 2022 @ 5:00 PM EST! Once they are open for bidding, the comments will open on their character page, allowing you to bid by commenting! 

Hop on over to our Kofi for a full preview for Unusual and up members, as well as many other benefits:  https://ko-fi.com/projectxero
Catch you later!

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