[Closed] B-33 - Charity Xero Auction!

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#B-33 - the first Prototype Xero for sale!
What is a Prototype Xero?
Prototypes are the rarest of all the 'subspecies'; these Xeros are amongst the first created in the lab, before X-001, 002, and etc. Since these Xeros were experimental and early, some of them may have odd traits...
This Xero is being auctioned off for CHARITY!
I will be donating 100% of the sale to Motor City Fur Con's charity guest, Detroit Hives!

From Detroit Hives:

We believe a healthy future for bees reflects a healthy future for humanity. The health of those in our inner-cities, specifically people of color, is often the last to be considered - it's our mission to change this. By transforming vacant lots into educational apiaries, we revitalize neighborhoods. We're Detroit Hives, a honeybee education and conservation initiative that engages urban communities in our mission by creating cultural experiences that are both educational and relatable.
Not only do we want our bees to thrive in Detroit, but we want the people of Detroit to thrive as well. By transforming vacant lots in the inner city, we are cleaning up local neighborhoods and adding value to our community, making them safer and stronger. When we plant gardens at the farms we provide food for the bee colonies and in turn, they pollinate our plants, increasing fresh vegetable harvests for the neighborhood residents. A perfect example of how bees and humans help each other thrive! By starting urban bee farms we are not only rebuilding honey bee populations but rebuilding the beautiful city we call home.
BIDDING IS HERE ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/NeonSlushie/status/1447245549703413767

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