[Closed] (13 Days of Xeros) Day 7: Haunted Doll (KOFI EXCLUSIVE)

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X-820: HAUNTED DOLL - Art & Design by FineThingsInLife !
Welcome to day 7 of our spooktacular 13 Days of Xeros! Haunted Doll is a Free Raffle exclusive to our Project Xero Kofi!


Click for More Info!


THIS Design IS OPEN TO all Orb tiers of our kofi!

Visit our Kofi Page for more information on the different tiers and rewards!

Instructions on how to enter the Flatsale Raffle can be found in the #sales-raffles-chat channel of our Kofi Section.

You must be 18 or older to join the Project Xero Kofi.

🎉 Good luck to everyone entering! 🎉


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