Frouzon Frouzon

2 July 2021 (1 year ago)
Lab Assistant

Hey I'm Em. I am one of a few wonderful moderator for Xeros! My primary job is tending to the Galleries and being a living directory for new players! 


• My pronouns are He/Him

• I am a full time fursuit maker and artist! 

• I am a huge animal nerd. I love the color purple and mushroom hunting! 

• I hate loud noises, bigots and genrally bad vibes. I am not afraid of being direct if someones behavior sucks. 

Im active on the discord so toss me a message if you need help! 

123 Prestige
39 Astatine
830 Wish Shard
Satchel of Sand
Iron Ore
Sea Glass
Saline Water

Characters / Companion / Retired


lobsterslushie Avatar

Hi!! I hope I'm not bothering you, I was wondering if Chu is for swaps only? They are a total cutie! Thanks in advance!

2022-07-01 03:52:52

Frouzon Avatar
Frouzon Staff Member

Probably! Whiles she’s totally open to be traded I don’t think there are any Xero’s I’d be interested in atm. Thank you for asking tho!

2022-07-01 17:35:59

lobsterslushie Avatar

Thanks for letting me know! If you ever wanna resell her let me know!

2022-07-01 18:58:35

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