Research Note

Research Note

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Held by: Users

Submit your extra data to the Research Note Exchange, and in return, we’ll provide baseline information on another species of interest.  The particular data you receive is up to you to choose from our database - perhaps you’ve been tracking Volans and would like to know where you might spot an Ascadon, or maybe you’re positively swimming in Boolew and are wondering what our jungle teams have learned about those Teropitas!

To summarize: if you went through all the effort of going on a second expedition only to study the same animal as last time, if desired, you can exchange your duplicate Research Notes  in the Exchange "Shop" to get a different creature!

1. First click on the duplicate Indexed animal from your inventory
2. Click the checkbox for the one you wish to exchange
3. Click "Sell Item" to exchange it for 1 Research Note. 
4. Head to the Research Note Exchange & pick out a different animal to study!

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