Astatine (At)

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Astatine is an exceptionally rare element that is very unstable and difficult to find; it doesn't stick around for long. However, it has potential uses in medical science, genetics research, fighting cancer, and even things like lessening the effects of aging. Because of its rarity and incredible uses, it's in extremely high demand in other parts of the galaxy. It just so happens that the Alurizans are among the only out there who have figured out to harvest and use it.
This currency is rewarded very rarely and can be used to purchase exclusive items!

Mod Points

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Prestige (P)

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The world of the Aluriza is an extremely advanced civilization where everyone's needs are met, so there is no longer a need for "money". Prestige however, can be earned by those who go above and beyond to contribute positively to the society. For the Xeros that value being known or remembered, or for those who just want to contribute: if you do good things you gain Prestige, recognition and rewards for your efforts; you get your name known. There is still a drive to succeed, but for accomplishments, not cash. 

Prestige is the main currency of Project Xero, and is used for most normal purposes on the website, such as purchasing general items. It would be obtained by completing prompts, submitting art, playing mini games, and more.

United-Systems Ducat

United-Systems Ducat (USD)

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Aluriza as a society has more or less eliminated 'need'. As technology and ethics paved the way into solving the issues of labor, money has become obsolete; people don’t work because they are required to in order to afford basic needs, they either do or don’t do so to contribute to society, help others, or chase adventure. Society doesn’t suffer for this; people's curiosity is nurtured and there are always people interested in the challenges that must be faced. 
However, when it comes to trading with other civilizations, this was an impediment until, after much discussion and debate, a solution was found. The United-Systems Ducat, or USD is a universal symbol of value to Alurizans and the neighboring societies, established as a representation of the trade of information, services, goods, and etc. to allow for accessible trade.
$1 United States Dollar = 1 United-Systems Ducat
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