The completion of Tidix Station opened up access to areas of space not yet explored by Aluriza and large-scale surveying could begin. This was initially done via exploratory probes collecting a broad range of investigational data, which was then analyzed to create higher-resolution mapping as well locate points of interest for further expeditionary operations.
The planet of Kiah was rediscovered in this new area of space; once a verdant and lush world with a vast rainforest covering the majority of its surface, it now bears the scars of Blight occupation with large swaths of the ecosystem extracted. While the forests have done much to adapt and try to regrow, unfortunately the data gathered indicated that it was on the verge of cascade collapse of the planetary ecosystem.
The Kiah Restoration Project was established to restore Kiah to its former glory while studying and preserving the unique life found there - the evolutionary pressures created by the Blight have produced shockingly resilient forms of life that we have much to learn from.

While the restoration project has been successful in stabilizing the planet through proactive terraforming and autonomous monitoring, Kiah still needs help to become self-sufficient. For now, we will keep monitoring for long term health and stability, to make sure it can rest without further protuberance.