City inside Earle Sea

Can be home to characters.

Seaside life is said to be one of carefree bliss, and with the crisp sea breeze washing over the soft, sandy beaches warmed by the sun, it's easy to see why. You can find out for yourself at Torini, a town situated above the Earle Sea on a rocky outcropping, with a large boardwalk area underneath.

Torini's comfortable climate, recreational opportunities, and beautiful sunsets make it a popular vacation spot where many unwind from their busy lives. Those who reside permanently in Torini tend to be carefree, extremely friendly, and are known for their love of music, water, and parties. The boardwalk is often overtaken by various street markets who love to trade with the many visitors as way to share their culture, and a Torini sweet bread is hard to resist.

Torini is not all fun however, and is home to one of the finest weather centers on Owai-6, hosting climate and oceanic research in partnership with the ARC. Some of the greatest scientists in the early age of The Republic got their start here, before the center was built. That amazing pedigree continues to this day; you'll never know when the surfer you just saw was a PhD or not. For both the soul and the mind, Torini is a wonderful place to kick back and recharge yourself and experience the simple pleasure of the seaside life.