Alien Research Center Laboratory

One of the greatest honors an Alurizan citizen can receive is the opportunity to help guide a new citizen in their journey of learning about their home and their place within it; but one must first show they themselves are knowledgeable and trustworthy enough to take on such a task. The Alurizians are a people of cooperation but also one of responsibility; to prove themselves up to the challenge, one can point to the prestige and respect granted to them by their community as a marker of their readiness to help.

While a Xero reaches maturity very quickly, they effectively find themselves thrust into a world they do not understand. Because of this, the sponsor is critically important; they become the helper and guide to the Xero to introduce them to Alurizan society, helping them discover who they are and want to be in this incredible new life full of endless possibilities.



The Greenhouse

Project XERO is not the only project ongoing in the lab; many scientists are hard at work on a myriad of experiments, often working together and combining their research.

The Xeros' ability to consume and absorb a variety of exotic compounds has the XERO lab often collaborating with the botany lab to develop specialist plants. Nicknamed 'The Greenhouse' by many Xeros, this is the place to go for any Xero that seeks to alter their physical form. By eating tailor-made plants, they are able to trigger their unique physiology to change in a controlled manner. This allows new traits to appear on any Xero.

Standard Xero ORB
Cost: 300
Max 1 per user
Kara Berry
Cost: 5
Lioa Berry
Cost: 5
Nio Berry
Cost: 3
Ru Berry
Cost: 0
Widd Berry
Cost: 3