Diaphonized (Glitched)

Category: Body Mutation
Diaphonization is a bizarre mutation in which the skin of the affected area contains no melanoctyes, rendering it semi-translucent to visible light. Organs, veins, and muscles, having the same refraction index, would also appear transparent, but bones, being a denser tissue, remain visible.
Although the effect is fascinating, Xeros with any amount of diaphonization cannot grow fur in those areas and thus their skin is extra sensitive to UV light; nothing a bit of sunscreen can't fix though!
How To Use This Trait


  • Bones have to be black/dark. Xeros do not have white/light-colored bones.

  • Bone color can be influenced by the skin color on top as long as the bones underneath are darker as a result. Meaning that orange skin could make the bones look grey/orange as a result.

  • This trait includes the hairless trait for the portions that are diaphonized.

  • Skin color for diaphonized portions should match the other skin unless Split is applied.

  • This trait may be combined with the Slimy Skin or Dazzle traits, but there may not be floating objects or shapes inside the diaphonization, as that goes into Patterned Skin.

  • Horns are bone growths connected to the Xero's skeleton and thus, if the diaphonization is exposing bones that horns are connected to, the connection will be shown.


  • No diaphonization above the neck. This includes skulls. The exception is antennae, which may be diaphonized.

  • Only 50% or less of the Xero's body may be diaphonized; the entire body may not be diaphonized.

  • Organs, veins, muscles and etc. will not be shown, only bones.

  • Patterned Skin cannot be added to diaphonized portions since they are translucent. If you wish to have patterned skin on your diaphonized character it will have to be in the ears/paw pads or on other sections of non-diaphanized hairless skin. 

  • Bones do not need to be drawn realistically; you may draw them more cartoony if you wish.

  • There must be a solid "chunk" of a Xero to be diaphonized. You may do shapes or patterns but they must be visible and semi-prominent in the Masterlist Art.


This trait can only be added by using a Glitch Vial on a Xero that has the "Glitched" status.

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