X-025: Ziggy

Owned by ARC_Staff
X-025: AKA "ziggy"
Pronouns: They/He
Height: 4'5" (135 cm)
Build: Average
Age: Adult

A calm and level-headed leader, Ziggy is the ambassador for Xeros within the Expeditionary Services; campaigning for exploration and research on other planets that can be put to use on Project XERO, furthering the understanding of Xero biology. He's passionate about saving his species, hoping that someday Xeros can have a large enough population to exist sustainably on their own again, without the need for scientific intervention. He hopes to inspire other Xeros to get involved in research too!
Ziggy is friendly, polite, and a good conversationalist. He's encouraging and caring, and has become somewhat of a councilor to other Xeros with their troubles, as he's always willing to listen and help when he can. However, he's not afraid to call out bad behavior if he sees it and set someone straight. He has a strong moral compass and always stands up for what he believes in.
When not busy as an ambassador for the ES, Ziggy does his best to welcome all new Xeros into Owai-6 and the world of the Aluriza. Despite his job requiring him to be extroverted and outspoken, he's actually rather quiet on his own, and enjoys nothing more than curling up with a good book and a cup of tea to recharge. He also enjoys studying insect-like and other small creatures around his home! He's very passionate about conservation & preservation for all species, including his own.
Ziggy also enjoys traveling, and hopes to visit many different planets someday! He wants to see the galaxy!

Ziggy's loves the ru berries that are native to Owai-6, the tangy juice is just to die for! His favorite is any kind of ru berry flavored drink.
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