X-237: Aphra

Owned by cryptidcreep
NAME: Aphra

AGE: Young Adult

HEIGHT: 3'8" / 116 cm


ROLE: Courier




Aphra is a courier, and spends most days travelling through the Kubai Desert, although he does have the occasional trip to the various cities of Owai-6. Shy, skittish, and accident-prone, he often likes to keep to himself until he gets to know someone. Despite his nerves, Aphra loves conversation, and does tend to ramble on a multitude of topics: bugs, weather, and especially food! Take him out for a nice meal and you'll have a friend for life.



  • If drawn in clothing, his preferred style is loose and flowing, to help with the harsh sun: knee to ankle-length skirts, baggy long sleeves, headscarf, etc.
  • Please be mindful of his physique! He is 3'8, and quite small in stature.
  • He has multi-coloured claws, steel blue and grey alternating on his hands and feet.
  • His messenger bag is entirely optional in artwork, but goggles and bandana are preferred.
  • Gift art is allowed
  • Gift writing is allowed