10 2022 Updates!

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🎃 It's Spooky Season! Welcome to October! 🎃  
As usual, we have our two monthly prompts resetting, which you can see below!




10 2022 XOTM: PrincelyPixels ' X-262!

What is XOTM? Each month, a new Xero will be picked at random to receive a plethora of gifts from the community! Draw, write, or create some mixed media crafts for the featured Xero and win a Mysterious ORB and a chance for your Xero to be featured next month!
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ARC Survey: 005

 Over the years, this season has become a home to many different cultural holidays in many different parts of Owai-6. A popular old fable debates whether its better to be charismatic or clever to achieve the protagonist's goals, and It begs of the the listener; what would they do themselves? So my festive little Xeros, that is your question; is it best to trick…. Or to treat?

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 We are also bringing back a fan-favorite for the month of October, the Lantern Fruit Carving prompt!
Carve a gourd of your choice to win Prestige and a Lantern Fruit of your very own! Check out the prompt for more details!


Each of these prompts may only be submitted once per user! Click here for more activities!

THese prompts END Monday, October 31st AT 11:59 PM EST / 8:59 PM PST

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