2023 Updates!

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Thank you everyone for your patience during the holidays! We are back in business to deliver you all a solid 2023 over here in Project Xero!
Let’s get to the announcements, starting with our DTE winner and the monthly prompts!

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We want to thank you all for participating in our very first Draw To Enter! It was incredibly fun, and we will definitely do more in the future! How sweet of all the owners to donate your amazing art to a First Time Owner!

Our winner of the DTE was... FluffyRaven ! They are given X-133: RUDY for free, as well as 70 pieces of art and 2 stories! What an amazing start for a FTO!

If you wish to look over all the art, please check out their Toyhouse page or our Gallery!


Monthly Prompts

Thank you all for giving Aristotle some love and getting him out of his shell last month; our next XOTM is… Snugleaf 's Tapioca! (They/She)

Our next ARC Survey is up as well, be sure to check it out, as it includes a bit of lore about one of the other species found in AREZ!



11 2022 XOTM: Snugleaf 's  X-384

What is XOTM? Each month, a new Xero will be picked at random to receive a plethora of gifts from the community! Draw, write, or create some mixed media crafts for the featured Xero and win a Mysterious ORB and a chance for your Xero to be featured next month!
Learn more about XOTM

ARC Survey: 008

What do Xeros do to celebrate the day they were created, often known as the day of life, life day, hatch day… you see the trend; life tends to celebrate the great triumph of continuing to fight off entropy, to mark an anniversary of still being here. From the Korso's harvest day to that one thing those frog people do that we don’t talk about… It's in our nature to celebrate such things. How do you Xeros celebrate?

Participate in ARC's Survey

Wish Shards

Finally, have you all been collecting Wish Shards?
They've been appearing all over Owai-6 after the Meteor Shower that occurs during the Longest Night. We don’t know how many have dropped but they hold a very interesting property…

Here is a report from one of our premier ARC scientists on the properties of these shards:

The Twilight Shower has been studied rather thoroughly so we did not think there were many, if any, surprises left to find. The crystals are not so much a surprise, we have chemically detected them many times but until now, no physical studies have been conducted, and there is where it gets interesting. Testing reveals that this copper-oxalate compound has a very peculiar lattice structure enabling a strong antiferromagnetic effect on its long range ordering. This effect is not unique to just these crystals, but the accessibility of them will enable the scale production of high-temperature superconducting materials that may advance our computing efficiency exponentially. In short, this discovery marks what may be the most important step to a leap in material science and computing; their value to scientific research cannot be overstated.
Dr. Koobal
Physics Chair
Oasis University of Applied Sciences

ARC Lab is asking all of those willing to participate in furthering scientific research to please donate your shards to the lab for further testing and speed up our current technologies! What that means for all of you is: Collect 1000 Wish Shards to trade in for a MYO Slot!

This will replace the second 300 Prestige MYO slot, more details on this change below! ARC also understands that collecting so many shards is not easy to come by, and as such, they will be giving you an extra reward from the ARC Lab as a “thank you!” for furthering scientific development!

Wish Shards in their purest form are unable to be traded unlike other currencies, however, Comet Clusters, the larger rocks filled with veins of Wish Shards, have been found to be tradable! Some can give more shards than others, however! So get hunting! And who knows? Maybe they will have more purposes as ARC learns more about them! Only one way to find out!

Wish shards and Comet Clusters can currently only be found by Foraging! Get those hands dirty!

Project Xero is still a major Work In Progress, and as we continue to grow, our efforts are always to ensure the economy and game is balanced best for both the community and staff. We have a few updates for 2023, please read them at your convenience below!

Changes to Standard MYO Orbs

Since Project Xero's launch in 2021, free Xeros and Standard MYO orbs have had a base value of $50. Going forward, Xeros or MYO Orbs earned with Prestige/in-game currency or free raffles will have a base value of $0, since no money was paid for them.

Don't worry: Any Standard MYO Orbs earned before January 1st, 2023 and existing, completed MYO Xeros will retain their previous $50 value. We aren't going to take away value from something that previously had it, but going forward from here anything that is free will have that reflected in its sale value. This is a change that has been discussed for a while, and as such we will not be dialing back this decision.
  • All paid MYO slots will continue to have the value they are paid for. 
  • The ability to add on commissioned work for monetary value will stay the same, regardless of the Xero's starting base value.
  • Users are still able to resell their Xeros using our X1.8 modifier rule, if desired.
We are also changing how Standard Xero Orbs work. Free Orbs able to be earned with in-game currency will now be known as Basic Xero Orbs (with a new color!) to separate them from the Standard Xero Orbs worth $50 USD on-site. Basic Orbs are essentially the same as a Standard Orb in terms of what they can make; the only difference is the sale value. Standard Xero Orbs can still be purchased from staff MYO sales!  
Basic Xero Orbs can be earned a few ways: 
 1 x  per year earned with Prestige
 1 x per year earned with Wish Shards
:orb_mysterious:  Rare drop from opening Mysterious Orbs
🎫 Free raffles and giveaways
❓ More to come in the future!
At Project Xero's beginning in 2021, users were only able to earn one free Standard Xero Orb in total. This was eventually changed to be two Standard Xero Orbs total, with the second being twice as expensive, and then again changed to two total at the same price, and then again changed to two per year. The point is, things have changed a lot and we've always adjusted! Things might change more in the future as we continue to add to our game. Please note that all prices of our in-game items are subject to change at any time as we work on balancing our economy with the available activities, but we promise to always have free options available to members.
With the introduction of Wish Shards, users are now able to purchase 1 x Basic Xero Orb with 300 Prestige  (mainly earned from doing prompts) and 1 x Basic Xero Orb with Wish Shards (mainly earned from foraging / logging in daily). These two options are still completely free and provide a variety of options for users to earn MYOs, one that allows members to earn at their own pace by participating in activities, selling in-game items, or taking commissions within the community, and one that rewards users for site activity and foraging over time.
Wish Shards are intended to be each member's own personal journey to earn their MYO, and as such Wish Shards cannot be transferred to other users or grinded for- it's meant to encourage long-term activity! As foraging continues to be expanded and improved, Wish Shards (and Comet Clusters) will become a frequent drop in varying amounts to reward activity on our website. Wish Shards will likely have other future uses as well.
We understand that it may be difficult to participate in a species without spending money, and we do not want anyone to feel that we are gatekeeping or being elitist. This decision continues to allow users to earn MYOs and participate in community activities without spending anything other than time in our game. If anything, this change may help open further options to those who can't participate in our prompts for one reason or another.
We ask for your patience and understanding regarding this change! 
Minors and Sales

It has always been our rule that any users under 18 are prohibited from the Official Project Xero Discord and this is not changing. However, changes to on-site sales are occurring for users under the age of 18. Going forward after January 1st, 2023, minors are unable to participate in paid sales, regardless of users offering to pay for them. It brings unnecessary complexity into these monetary transactions. Minors on-site are still able to enter free raffles, DTE, and any on-site events that do not require payments. Until users are legally able to have a Paypal account in their name, they must wait to participate in sales.

Funneling and Multi Accounting

As per our TOS and code of conduct, multi-accounting is strictly prohibited. However, this also includes having a sibling/partner/friend/family member farm foraging items or rewards with no intention of playing the game themselves.

If you share a computer, internet connection, or such with another user, please note this to staff privately or on your profile. Any users who are suspected to be using someone else (family/partner/friend/etc.) to "farm" or "funnel" items, enter raffles, or forage will have those items revoked, given a strike, or be banned permanently from Project Xero.

Scenario Example #1: User A has a sibling, User B. Both users A and B play Project Xero together on the same IP address, and as such have alerted a mod. Over time, User B decides they would no longer like to participate in the species, and give their inventory and Prestige to User A. They may decide to return someday, but don't want User A to return their items. This is within our TOS and completely allowed.

Scenario Example #2: User A has a sibling, User B. Both users A and B play Project Xero together on the same IP address, and as such have alerted a mod. Over time, User B decides they would no longer like to participate in the species. To help out User A, User B continues to log in daily to Forage and send their foraged items to User A. They also occasionally enter raffles to give User A another chance to win, with intent to gift the Xero they may win to User A. This is against our TOS and both user's accounts will be banned.

Code of Conduct

We would also like to brush everyone up on our TOS and code of conduct! We have a few "general" chats: #general, #off-topic, and #afterdark. Users are free to chat about what they'd like here within reason. However, we must nudge the reminder that delving into personal topics at length is against our rules.

Users are expected to be kind and respectful to other members and staff. The Project Xero community is not a place for venting, ranting, or overt negativity. Please do not bring up any topics that may be harmful or upsetting to others. Please do your part to help maintain Project Xero’s positive and friendly atmosphere!

We do not want users to feel that they cannot speak up, but delving into deeply personal subjects in our public chats may make some users feel trapped or uncomfortable. Every user's situation is individual and different, but bringing up heavy topics may trigger anxiety and stress in someone else. As such, we encourage you to reach out to friends in private and keep upsetting personal discussion out of the server.
Selling discarded myo designs

Initially, we were unsure how to go about this and we attempted a trial run. At first it seemed that a user selling a scrapped MYO design would be funtionally the same as the user designing someone's MYO on commission. After further reflection, we have determined this not to be the case, as a user could, for example, make 10 "scrapped MYO ideas" they did not plan to use with the intention of selling them to other users.

At this time, we have determined that users are unable to sell their scrapped MYO designs to others. This is to discourage users from generating, essentially, "unofficial" Xeros to sell for other users to purchase for an MYO. If you would like to design an MYO for another user, we instead encourage you to post a design ad in our advertisement channel instead. As always, any user is able to design a MYO as long as the commissioner has a MYO orb to use!

Trades and Sales

Prestige, Astatine, and all in-game items (with the exception of paid MYO slots) do not have a real world monetary equivalent and there is no set conversion rate between currencies. We will not be introducing a set conversion rate at this time because our economy is still developing and changing. We would prefer users discuss trades amongst themselves and come to their own agreements for what constitutes a fair trade. Users should not try to tell others how much on-site currency or items are "worth" in order to discourage them from making a trade. 

Ultimately, all of our in-game items and currencies are "free" (unless otherwise specified) and if a user wants to trade their Xero for 5 Astatine or 50 Astatine, that is allowed. If a user wants to trade 20 Prestige for 1 million (Insert Species Currency Here), that is allowed, as long as it is allowed within that species' rules. The only thing not allowed is selling our in-game items or currency for real-life Human currency.
Additionally, users may only offer what another user is asking for in their ad.

Scenario Example #1: User A posts an advertisement wanting to trade thier Xero for a MYO, but is considering a USD resale for first time owners only. User B contacts them and asks if they can be pinged on Discord if User A wants to sell their Xero. This is allowed under our TOS and rules.

Scenario Example #2: User A posts an advertisement wanting to trade their Xero for a MYO. User B contacts them and offers a resale if they do not receive any MYO Orb offers. This is against our TOS and rules; User B may receive a warning or strike.

We want to ensure that everything is balanced, and that comes with needing to make changes or clarifications as we grow as a community. We hope every user understands why these changes and updates need to be made! 

Happy 2023 to all of you amazing participants in Project Xero! We hope to make this year our best year yet! 

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