Expedition Redux!

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It has been roughly a year since ARC's Expeditionary Service constructed respite points in the forests of Kiah and the seas of Tidix-c II.

There has been much growth since that time, and the ecosystem seems to be recovering well. We now have ample, consistent data of the biosphere, but there is always room for more! We would like to task you with a voyage to either the lush forest or to the vast sea, ensuring the ecosystem is on the right track.
For some of you, this may mean your second time exploring these areas, but we assure you that it may look rather different from the last time you were here! As for the new faces, we hope this opportunity allows you to receive your safety certification in a controlled way, so that you may accompany ARC's Expeditionary Service in the future on a planet that may be... less hospitable.

If you feel this task is to your interests, please fill out the proper paperwork and report to the ES HQ to be briefed on the specifics.

Expedition Redux!

Ensuring long term success in ARC's Expeditionary Services means preparing and enacting follow-up surveys to ensure that our efforts are maintaining a thriving environment.

In pursuit of this, we've scheduled newcomer-friendly review expeditions of ocean moon Tidix-c II and the jungles of Kiah! Public applications are opening alongside this announcement - please review the summaries below before you apply.

The Oceans of Tidix-c II
While Tidix-c is a dead planet, its ocean moon Tidix-c II has a thriving aquatic ecosystem. On our first expedition, we catalogued an incredible diversity of life!

Tidix-c has since seen the construction of a large mining facility and an orbital refueling station, and this expedition aims to record what impact (if any) those structures might have on the denizens of the moon. Their comfort comes first, so we're prepared to consider changes to the orbital station based on what we learn here.
The Jungles of Kiah
Kiah as a planet was absolutely ravaged by the Blight, with scarring visible even from outer orbit. Before the Blight's defeat, Kiah was on the verge of total ecological collapse; post-Blight Kiah is still a challenging environment to live in, and likely would have faced mass extinctions if not for our restoration efforts. The Kiah Restoration Project was established to restore Kiah to its former glory while studying and preserving the unique life found there - the evolutionary pressures created by the Blight have produced shockingly resilient forms of life that we have much to learn from.

While the restoration project has been successful in stabilizing the planet through proactive terraforming and autonomous monitoring, Kiah still needs help to become self-sufficient. That's where this expedition comes in! On Kiah, you will be on four-week rotations with a stationed team, helping to care for the local environment and reporting on the progress and challenges you encounter.

Now that you have some background for each expedition, please fill out an application if you wish to help - your local Ranger facility will take submissions! We here at ARC thank you for your overwhelming support and enthusiasm, and look forward to a brighter future together!


Limited Time Event Prompts

Fauna Field Study

In this prompt, you are tasked with depicting Project Xero's existing fauna in your own style! Will you draw them as a field guide study, sculpt a model of a creature in their environment, write a more "realistic" approach to the species, or something else entirely?

This prompt may include a broad spectrum of media. Consider the images and descriptions of the fauna currently in the Index, and put your own spin on them.

Participating in this prompt awards 1 Astatine, 1 Redux ORB, and 2 tickets to our Mega Raffle!
Join the ES Today!

Follow-Up Survey

In this prompt, draw or write about your Xero participating in an expedition to the jungles of Kiah or the waters of Tidix-c II.

How does your Xero interact with or observe the flora and fauna? What is your Xero's task in helping with the Expedition? How would they safely do so while preserving the natural ecosystem of these areas? Do they bring special tools to assist them with this task? Clothing or gear?

Participating in this prompt awards 1 Astatine, 10 Prestige, 1 Redux ORB, and 3 tickets to our Mega Raffle!

Adventure Awaits!


Expedition Volunteers - Research Note Exchange!

Attention ARC volunteer researchers!
First of all, thank you!  We’ve received so many applications that these expeditions are already looking like a great success before we’ve even reached the starting line.

As you conduct your surveys, some of you may find yourselves gathering redundant or particularly esoteric data from repeated observations of the same species.  Feedback from prior volunteer expeditions frequently includes concerns that these notes are less valuable.  On the contrary, niche observations are of particular interest to us at ARC, and we’d like to get our hands on that data sooner rather than later!

To that end, we’re introducing the Research Note Exchange:
Submit your extra data to the Exchange, and in return, we’ll provide baseline information on another species of interest.  The particular data you receive is up to you to choose from our database - perhaps you’ve been tracking Volans and would like to know where you might spot an Ascadon, or maybe you’re positively swimming in Boolew and are wondering what our jungle teams have learned about those Teropitas!
Our hope is that the Exchange will encourage and facilitate both breadth and depth of observations during your surveys.  Thank you again for expressing so much interest in this project; with all of your help, we’re sure these expeditions will both see spectacular success!


To summarize: if you went through all the effort of going on a second expedition only to study the same animal as last time, if desired, you can exchange your duplicate Research Notes  in the Exchange "Shop" to get a different creature!

1. First click on the duplicate Indexed animal from your inventory
2. Click the checkbox for the one you wish to exchange
3. Click "Sell Item" to exchange it for 1 Research Note.
4. Head to the Research Note Exchange & pick out a different animal to study!

Be careful when selling the items from your inventory and only sell those that you'd like to exchange for a different one; we cannot provide refunds if you change your mind and the Research Notes have no purpose outside of an easy system to trade in duplicates.

Important to note is that Research Notes or Indexed Animals cannot be traded between users; animals collected in the Index are meant to represent animals that your Xero has studied rather than animals that they actually posess. They are not pets or collectables and cannot be traded! Each account's Index is a log of the animals you have researched and this Index will come into play for future game elements on the site. The Research Note Exchange shop has been added to this event to help alleviate the concern of getting a duplicate of something that cannot be traded.

Finally, only common animals can be exchanged for Research Notes, the rare varieties and color mutations can only be studied in the wild!



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