2024 Important Updates!

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It's a new year and we have a huge new update!

Since ProjectXero began in 2021, our team has prided ourselves in our capacity to learn, innovate, and bring our community joy through our game. We are so grateful for your continued love and support for Xeros over these 3 years. We have grown so much alongside the community and moving into 2024 would like to address updating the website for a better experience overall.

At the beginning of this year, we invited a group of individuals from our community to provide us with feedback on changes we wished to make to the game. These changes have been carefully curated, by our staff team and the community alike, to make things better for the future of ProjectXero.

Below you can find a brief overview, with more details under the click bar.

❗  These updates are not rolling out immediately!  ❗

We are giving everyone a 3-week heads up before we begin launching these updates in early February. We wanted January to be a buffer month for players to collect their MYOs or any desired items at their current availability before we implement these changes.

The Trait Update will go live on February 1st, while the Economy Update will go live on February 5th!

2024 Update Summary!

:prestige: The Prestige economy is getting a major overhaul! Shifting from a system of 100s of Prestige to one of 1,000s of Prestige. This will give us more wiggle room with rewards and pricing going forward, allowing us to do things like add more activities or sale prices to common forageables.

:orb_standard: We're adding a new free MYO option! All players will now have the opportunity to earn a 1-time, account-bound MYO for 1/3rd the price of the yearly Prestige MYO.

🎁 We're adding a new free gift to the shops! Every player, new or old, can claim this 1-time free gift in Jackpot Planet!

17-image.png Many traits are getting overhauled, streamlined, or expanded for greater consistency and character customization options.

We are closing up our MYO/Redesign tickets, as well as the Questions channel temporarily at the end of the month to give us some time to put these changes into effect!

Check out the details below for more information!

Click for all the details!

Economy Update!

The economy in Project Xero has been largely unchanged since the game was introduced in June of 2021. We are planning on reworking scaling for currency, items, MYOs, rewards,  and more. This change is being made because we have found our current system based around 300 Prestige too restrictive. Rebalancing this system will ensure users will have much more to do and that items obtained through site activities can be sold for appropriate amounts.

Essentially, the issue is that the biggest item available for purchase with Prestige (the 300 P MYO) dictates our "Prestige ceiling". Because this number was so low, it means that any currency users can earn from site activities (prompts, selling forageables, upcoming game features, etc.) must be much lower than this number in order to allow users to 'save up' for the big reward.

This poses a problem when setting resale prices on certain items, such as common items like stones. The minimum amount of Prestige an item can have set for resale is 1, but if someone has 100 stones in their inventory, suddenly they can be 1/3rd of the way to a MYO. This low ceiling also makes it difficult for us to add new game features (Some of which are nearly ready to be implemented!) because we want MYOs to be something players can look forward to saving up for, not something you can get instantaneously.

To summarize, the 300 :prestige: MYO is too low of a ceiling currently and makes it too difficult to properly divide prompt or game rewards and item resale prices within it. We are scaling up the system entirely, including costs of items, resale prices for items, and rewards for prompts.

  • Prestige will be increased from a scale of 100s to a scale of 1,000s.
  • Almost all items will be able to have a resale value, with a minimum of 1 P
  • Prompt rewards will be increased to reflect the new scale.
  • Trait item prices have been increased from their original price to reflect the new scale.
  • Prestige MYO price has been increased to reflect the new scale.
  • We are ready to add several new game/site features to help give users more ways to earn currency with this economic change and use the items they have gathered.

We believe for the future of the site and species, these changes will improve QoL for both our new and established players. As Project Xero enters its third year, we have always made a point to communicate with the community that things they are used to may change and scale as time goes on. This is a substantial change compared to the proposed update last year, but we are certain that users will be able to adapt quickly.

Before you look at these large numbers and panic, Prestige earned from prompts & activities are being scaled up as well.

This number increase is PURELY to have a higher Prestige ceiling. Our goal is to keep the process of earning your MYO(s) roughly about the same as current, just with an overall better economic system for the rest of the games and items. Hopefully, this makes sense to you all!

Current MYO Price: 300 Prestige
Proposed MYO: 30,000 Prestige

Current Standard Trait: 5 Prestige
Proposed Standard: 500 Prestige

Current Unusual Trait: 10 Prestige
Proposed Unusual: 1000 Prestige

Current Notable Trait: 15 Prestige
Proposed Notable: 3000 Prestige

Current Anomaly Trait: 25 Prestige
Proposed Anomaly: 5000 Prestige

Seasonal Trait: Limit of 1 per person in-store, additional free ones can be earned for a limited time in decent amounts by participating in event activities.
Current Seasonal: 25 Prestige
Proposed Seasonal: 7500 Prestige

In addition to the scale changing, there is also a bit of an increase in some of the trait’s rarity. Standard and Unusual trait items will remain very common and fairly easy to get by playing the game normally. However Notable, Anomaly, and Seasonal traits will now be more rare and will require frequent engagement/effort/time to obtain. Just like in Neopets or other similar games, part of the appeal of playing is to save up to get the rarer customization options. We feel if all options remain fairly equal in rarity and obtained in abundance, interest in continued interaction tends to drop a lot.

Currently, MYOs and most trait items are extremely abundant. Part of this is because of the current scale being so low, but the other part of this comes down to the need for more ways to spend Prestige. These are issues we are aware of and actively working on rectifying! We understand these changes may sound intimidating at first, but we have put in tremendous effort to ensure our changes are balanced to the best of our ability, including reaching out to community members for feedback. 

We are certain this economic update is the best way forward for ProjectXero at large. 


❗  THIS UPDATE WILL GO LIVE ON February 5th  ❗

Feel free to do prompts, activities, and purchase any items or MYO slots with the current system before this economic update goes live!

New Starter MYO!

We are adding a new  MYO option: An easier-to-get MYO that is only available one time per account, available for 10,000 Prestige. This ‘starter’ MYO should be achievable for a new member with 1-2 months of playing the game, depending on activity level. This MYO does not refresh yearly like the others, it is available one time only. This MYO will be available to ALL accounts once released, not just FTOs, though its primary purpose is to allow new players an easier entry into the game.

This 1-time MYO will be account-bound meaning the item, slot, and final character are bound to the owner’s account. This MYO is primarily to help provide players with a ‘starter character’, if they want additional characters or MYO slots to trade, they can earn/purchase more! We believe having these more easily obtained ones be account-bound will also help cut back on potential issues of multi-accounting.

If an account-bound ‘starter character’ is no longer desired by the owner, it can be voided or donated to the Admin Account to be raffled off as a prize in the future. Users who donated their starter MYOs will be given 5 Orbits for Jackpot Planet. If a user (new or old player) decides they are not interested in having an account-bound character, they are free to save up for the other MYOs or trade/purchase other characters instead, they don’t have to get the account-bound MYO. Other than the cheaper price and easier obtainability and the account-bound status, the MYO is the same as any other basic MYO and can have any traits added to it.

The other yearly Prestige and Wish Shard MYOs will still be available to everyone and will refresh every year, but they will require more time/effort to get, which should help increase the desirability of MYOs and Xeros in general.
The new Starter MYO will be available starting on February 5th!

new Welcome Gift!

We will also be adding a new ‘AREZ Welcome Gift' item that can be retrieved for free in Jackpot Planet, once per account. All members will receive the opportunity to claim this 1-time gift. For new players, this is essentially a starter package; for old players, this is a little gift to thank you all for sticking with us!

Creating side accounts or asking friends to make accounts to claim gifts for you is strictly against the rules and will result in a ban for all parties.

The AREZ Welcome Gift will contain the following:
This free gift will be available starting on February 5th!

Trait Overhaul!

A handful of traits will be getting their rarities swapped around, a few traits are getting combined, and some traits will be removed completely. The primary purpose of this is better balancing, but also more logical choices. When Nico made the species in 2021, they had very few trait ideas solidified at the beginning which resulted in some traits in rarity tiers that don't necessarily make sense for the species. 

"What I mean by this is that Xeros are an arboreal species that live in trees with a climbing lifestyle. A trait like a prehensile tail should be more common than a short, useless bobtail that would actually hinder a Xeros ability to climb and navigate in branches." ~Nico

Some traits are fully moving categories, such as moving from ‘Event Traits’ to regular tiers. Some traits may also be separated out further (such as folded puppy ears and fully hanging 'lopped' rabbit ears) in order to make the traits’ usage further defined.

  • Plume Tail is being removed as a seasonal trait (changing to Unusual rarity) and will be replaced by a different future Seasonal trait. Seasonal traits are also being divided up into actual seasons now, with the idea of hosting 3 separate holiday events each year, with each event having 3 seasonal trait items available during it; Instead of Twilight Carnival being very trait-heavy at the end of the year.
  • Patterned Skin & Bioluminescent are swapping places. Patterned Skin will become Anomaly Rarity, and Bioluminescent will become a Premium trait alongside Split & Dazzle. Bioluminescent will still be plenty available, as it will be able to be purchased with Orbits in Jackpot Planet, obtained randomly through Mysterious Orbs, obtained through charity donation drives, and earned for free with the yearly Lantern Fruit carving prompt! We believe this will suit the usage and desirability of these traits better.
  • Venomous will be updated so that darker markings bordering neon/high-contrast fur markings are optional; the main purpose of the trait is the neon-colored skin. To reflect this change we are also renaming this trait from Venomous to Aposematic, which is defined as an animal that displays bright colors to communicate toxicity.

  • Curly Tail is being combined into Prehensile Tail due to redundancy; Xeros with this trait will either have the trait changed to Prehensile Tail if the Xero features a tightly curled tail, or refunded with a grant of a Helix Bean item if Prehensile Tail is not applicable to their character's design.
  • Pigment Mutations are getting a large overhaul. The traits Albino, Leucistic, and Melanistic are being combined into one trait that may be called “No Countershading” - this would encapsulate a Xero of any color (light, dark, or in between) that lacks the typical countershaded belly that is required on all Xeros otherwise.


There are multiple reasons for these trait changes including:
  • The original traits were widely considered too confusing to many, from users and staff alike.

  • The change will allow for increased character customization. Currently, there is no way to have a solid-green Xero with no countershading, for example.

  • In addition, it was brought to our attention how these traits may be seen as anthropomorphizing real human conditions such as Albinism. We recognized through discussion that while we aimed to educate about conditions that apply to animals in nature, these conditions occur in humans as well, and we do not wish to reduce those conditions to rare traits as we feel this is not being respectful of those individuals.
  • Similar to the above reasons, Piebald is also being removed as a trait. In addition to the reasons stated above, it does not make sense for us to only have restrictions on white splotches as a ‘special trait’, when splotches of any other color are not traited, nor are markings of any other kind (Outside of the species required countershading). We also do not wish to put a paywall on a trait for people who may have a similar-looking condition, such as vitiligo, from creating a Xero that reflects themselves. Owners of all Xeros with the piebald trait will receive a refund of the Sky Melon item since the trait is being completely removed.
  • Additionally, the ‘heterochromia’ (different eye colors) part of the Split and Piebald trait is being removed. Split will only be about different areas of skin color, different eye colors will now be un-traited.

In the places of the previous Pigment Mutation traits, we are introducing several ‘new’ traits, some of which were previously locked in as features of other traits:

  • Mela Mela Drupe, which previously made a Xero melanistic, will now give a Xero Dark Scleras, allowing the Xero’s scleras to be darker than the iris color. This will be in the Notable tier for rarity.

  • Blanch Berry, which previously made a Xero leucistic, will now give the Xero the new combined Bright Pupils trait, allowing a Xero's pupils to be lighter than the iris. This will be in the Notable tier for rarity.

  • Sky Melon, which previously made a Xero piebald, will now give a Xero Reverse Countershading, allowing the Xero’s underside to be darker than the surrounding fur. This will be in the Anomaly tier for rarity.
  • Sweetsap Pod, which previously made a Xero albino, will now give a Xero No Countershading, allowing the Xero to bypass the countershading restrictions. This will be in the Anomaly tier for rarity.

these trait updates will go into effect on February 1st!

This update is going out a bit earlier to get everyone back into the flow of these changes! February 1st is also when our Questions and MYO Approvals will come back, so this allows a small buffer to not feel like all these changes are coming at once!




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Happy for this! I wanna see what events we get

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Very excited for all your hard work to come to fruition, cannot wait to see how Xeroes designs and new traits evolve!

2024-01-14 19:50:52

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So excited to see the new changes coming in, and cant wait for the other events being added :DD

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