Bioluminescence (Special ✨)

Category: Body Mutation
Species: Xero
Bioluminescence is a very rare trait sometimes observed on Xeros. Chemical reactions within the cells of these Xero's skin produce a vibrant glow that they can control at will; however, the original function of this adaptation is currently unknown. Xeros that are bioluminescent feature some or all of their soft tissues that can glow! Xeros with this trait may also have very saturated, neon-colored skin.

How To Use This Trait


EfaJvLGP_o.png?download=true DO: Bioluminescent Xeros can have a skin color that is within the red box area of the color chart (saturation & value above 80%). However, their skin color may be more dull than this if desired. Xeros with this trait can control their glow at will, but it must be visible for the Masterlist image.

DO NOT: Xeros without the bioluminescent (or aposematic) mutation should not have a skin color within the red box area of the color chart.


This trait can be added to your Xero by giving them a Lantern Fruit.

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