Aposematic (Notable)

Species: Xero
Aposematic Xeros are quite rare, and not very much is currently known about why some feature this trait. The most notable visual feature of aposematic Xeros is that their skin is a very saturated, neon color, to serve as a warning of their potential toxins.
Scientists speculate that it is a leftover adaptation from their previously insectivorous lifestyle. These Xeros may have a pair of modified saliva glands that can deliver venom through grooves in their upper canine teeth. They have complete control over these glands, and are able to produce regular saliva the majority of the time, so it does not negatively impact their lives in any way. Even Xeros who do not posses venom are immune to its affects, so there is no cause for concern! However, not all aposematic Xeros are capable of producing venom; some are merely mimics!
Aposematic Xeros can also feature neon-colored markings surrounded with a dark outline for high contrast - however, markings of this kind are optional and are not featured on all Xeros with this trait.

How To Use This Trait


asset_yes2.png DO: Aposematic Xeros must have a skin color that is within the red box area of the color chart (saturation & value above 80%). Neon-colored fur markings surrounded by a dark outline are optional, and do not need to be included on every aposematic Xero.

DO NOT: Xeros without the aposematic (or bioluminescent) mutation should not have a skin color within the red box area of the color chart.


This trait can be added to your Xero by giving them a Magma Pepper.

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