Project Xero's 3rd Anniversary!

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Happy 3rd Anniversary!

We are kicking off our celebration of 3 years of Project Xero with a slew of new activities!

It's an entire event of sweet treats you will NOT want to miss out on!

We'd like to once again extend thanks to all the ProjectXero players new and old who have continued to help us craft an absolutely stellar community and share our alien passions! With that said, let's get this party started!!


Limited Time Event Prompts


Bake a Ru berry cupcake

In this two-part Quest prompt, you'll help Ziggy prepare for ARC's surprise party by collecting ingredient items and baking them into the perfect sweet treat- a Ru Berry Cupcake!

There's only one problem... Ziggy is out of Recipes.

You're tasked with not only collecting all ingredients but also all the Recipes to make sure the party is a success!

Participating in this prompt awards 3 Orbits & a 3rd Anniversary Badge!


Click here to help Ziggy out!


Picture Perfect Party!

In this prompt, draw or write about how your Xero prefers to spend their night at ARC's 3rd Anniversary party! Are they excited? Are they shy? How did they get invited anyways? 

This prompt is very open ended and we can't wait to see what shenanigans your Xeros get up to at ARC!

Participating in this prompt awards 1 Orbit, 1 Recipe, & a 3rd Anniversary Badge!
Click here to join the party!

Baker's bash!

In this prompt, you'll be baking in real life. Create a dessert dish for you or your family to enjoy in the name of Project Xero's 3rd Anniversary!

This prompt is accepting desserts of all kinds and we are very excited to see what dish is your favorite. Will you make something celebratory or do you prefer homey comforting sweets?

Participating in this prompt awards 1 Orbit, 1 Recipe, & a 3rd Anniversary Badge!
Click here to get cooking!


New Crafting Recipes

This event brings new blueprints called "Recipes" to the Crafting System!

Four new Recipes allow you to combine items into ingredients for use in making food dishes.
Recipes can be obtained for free in this event's limited time Prompts.  Additional blueprints can be purchased in Jackpot Planet.

You can earn these Recipes through Prompts:
You can buy these Recipes with Prestige:


New Ingredient Items!

It's time to get cooking with new ingredient items!

Combining Produce and Forageable items using ARC Lab's MAKR machine lets you make food dishes! Each ingredient item has a unique recipe, so be sure to pay close attention when crafting! Lucky for you, Ziggy has kindly provided you with a somewhat eccentrically written grocery list so you are not shopping blind. 

Recipes for Milk, Sugar, Flour and the Ru Berry Cupcakes will no longer be available after JULY 21st AT 11:59 PM EST / 8:59 PM PST

Zae'Ka Steppes
The ancestral homeland of the Korso, the Zae'Ka Steppes remain a lush and fertile ecosystem, a testament to their respect for their environment. Across the rolling hills and lush tree belts, the Zae'Ka region supports some of the greatest biodiversity of large animal species on all of Owai-6!

An amazing variety of fruits and other plants are produced across the temperate grassland farms of Zae'Ka. This diversity of edibles naturally leads to a diversity of cuisine, luring cultivators from all across AREZ to sample the famous Korso fruit pies! Alongside agricultural pursuits, the open plains have long been utilized as an effective, sustainable energy source via large wind farms and cultivation of numerous ethical biofuels.


Big thank you to Jollymutt for this location's item art!

Zae'ka Steppes brings many new items for your Xeros to collect and promises new uses in future Quests and Crafting! Discover its hidden treasures through Foraging!


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