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Who's ready for lots of new prompts & ways to earn Prestige? 👀
🎁 First up, we've updated the Galactic Gift Prompt to now also accept gift WRITING! So now both art & writing can be submitted!
Draw or write about someone else's Xero & earn some Prestige! Click 'Show Details' for the rules.
REWARD: 5 Prestige! Can be submitted weekly.
Next, another new Prompt has been added...
💫 WISHING STAR - What are your Xero's goals & aspirations? Click 'Show Details' for the rules.
Draw or write about your Xero's goals, dreams, and aspirations! What is something they hope to do or see in the future? It can be something big or small!
Don't have a Xero of your own yet? You can draw or write about Ziggy, our mascot!
REWARD: 10 Prestige! Can be submitted once for each Xero you own.
Finally, another big Prompt as well... 
⛺️ REAL LIFE EXPEDITION - Go on a "real life" expedition! Go to a local park or accredited zoo, and look for interesting plants and animals. Click 'Show Details' for the rules!
See a cool mushroom on a log? A squirrel or duck? Snap a picture! Identify each plant or animal you photograph, and write 1 fact about it! Must be at least 5 different specimens. Remember to wash your hands after your excursion!
REWARD: 20 Prestige! Can be submitted once per month. BONUS: While you can do this prompt just with photos and writing, if you decide to also sketch the plants and animals, you will earn 10 bonus Prestige, for a total of 30!
As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask in our Discord!

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