WulfenSol WulfenSol

1 October 2021 (2 years ago)
3056 Prestige
9 Astatine
129 Wish Shard
Ru Berry Collector Badge
Greenhouse Coupon
Sky Melon
Animal Dung

Characters / Companion / Retired


lobsterslushie Avatar

Hi there! I sent you a DM over on Twitter about your Xero, I hope that's alright!

2022-06-28 18:47:19

Spooky_Beetle Avatar

Hiya! I see you have Badger Badger listed as up for trade on their profile? Would you be willing to make a trade for him?

2022-06-11 19:24:46

WulfenSol Avatar

Maybe! What would you be willing to trade? :0 (sorry for the late reply btw, been real busy lately X3)

2022-06-25 22:37:55

Spooky_Beetle Avatar

I could do all my prestige plus full resale for him. I also have a Spice Plume berry if you'd want that too. (No worries about the late reply)

2022-06-26 14:58:18 (Edited 2022-06-26 14:59:35)

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