YamsIAms YamsIAms

28 December 2022 (1 year ago)

Hey I'm Yams and I suck at technology so I'm sorry if I mess things up. I get extreme anxiety asking for clarification and help so that doesn't help me in the slightest. XD

I am enamored by Xeros and am trying to give all the energy I can for them! They've become my main CS and I'm hoping to do as much as I can here! I love helping out anyone who is confused or just sharing my knowledge I've learned over the year! I hope we can make wonderful Xero memories together, I love creating art in many different kinds mediums, playing video games, and when I'm not working I love lurking and hanging out with my friends and my cats~ Feel free to dm me on discord if you'd like to chat, I'm generally a quiet person though so no hard feelings if I disappear into the aether lmao.

5671 Prestige
5 Astatine
70 Wish Shard
Lost Satchel
Fresh Water
Silver Ore
Lustrous Scale

Characters / Companion / Retired

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