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31 October 2023 (3 months ago)
Team Fruit (Seed)

zeno || 26 || they/ae/he

i have no idea how to do anything ever

save for: glitch card (5A), jungle vial for camouflage (4A), jingle vial for tongue (4A), savannah vial for mane (3A),
MAYBE tundra vial (2A) for ears? glitch vial for shaped pupils (5A)? glitch for mushroom (5A)?
extra limbs + maybe split tail means 2 more (10A)? so 16-37 astanine? god help me
thoughts: canis tail or plume tail? curledtail? frilled (+tufted?) ears or floppy? (5P?) horns/no horns? (10P?) bioluminescence? (25P) retractable claws (for both?)? (10Px2?)
leucistic for one of them? (25P) maybe dazzle? maybe split? (4 + 4 orbit) fur paws for both? idk. so 65-85 prestige? and ~8 orbits? maybe more? god help

wow so now my brain has Two designs in mind before i even get enough for one xero? anyway need to play around with them before i decide for dure i guess??

4725 Prestige
8 Astatine
860 Wish Shard
Adpression Fossil
Lost Parcel
Animal Dung

Characters / Companion / Retired

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