The Korso species originated from non-arboreal flatland environment, similar to the Eurasian Steppe lands of Earth. The long limbs, excellent eyesight, and flexible necks were advantageous for the nomadic tribes. Over time hunter-gathering turned to farming, but the land was not fertile enough to produce much more than simple grains, leading to a primarily invertebrate diet supplanted by seeds and the occasional fruit. One such fruit was held special to the Korso; a particularly succulent melon with a growing period that was timed to the solar year. As Korso civilization developed, this timing fell naturally into a celebratory ritual of one's life.

When a Korso is born, the family is given the pit of a Psi'ttash to plant. The fruit would grow throughout the year and would be harvested and eaten on the Korso's life day, always leaving enough of the base and roots for it to regrow again. This fruit was considered a special treat when their diets were far more simple and restricted to simple technology, but it's still a cherished activity for Korso even today. The fruit's flavor was often influenced by the growing conditions of that year, so it was considered appropriate to think about the previous year and reflect on what to be appreciative of. Once the fruit is consumed, the pit is planted for next year, during this process is when the Korso thinks on what to improve and accomplish for the coming year.

Traditionalists will still source Psi'ttash melons but nowadays, the timing is more important to most Korso than the fruit itself, though no one will turn up a Psi'ttash if offered.

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