Canis Tail

Canis Tail (Standard)

Category: Tail Mutation
Species: Xero

A common tail mutation observed on Xeros is the canis tail; these tails are fluffy and tapered with a pointed tip. They can range from scruffy dog-like tails to longer poofy fox tails.

How To Use This Trait


  • Fluffy dog, wolf, or fox-like tails with a pointed tip.

  • Tail should have a tapered shape: thinner at the base and tip, thicker in the middle.


  • Thicker kangaroo-like tails should use Standard Tail. Thinner rounded noodle tails should use Felis Tail.

  • Canis tails have a thin core and are mostly fur. Extra-thick tails should use the Desert Tail trait.
This trait can be added to your Xero by giving them a Bearded Cap.

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