Colored Teeth

Colored Teeth (Seasonal)

Category: Body Mutation
Species: Xero

Braving the acidic Sugar Drop allows a Xero to stain their teeth any color they desire! The enamel-stained color can also be as subtle or vivid as the Xero wants. Curiously, the Sugar Drop dyes every tooth in the consumer's mouth. This means that the Xero must commit to the same color on each of their teeth and may not mismatch colors. Go all in!

How To Use This Trait


  • Every tooth must be the same color.

  • The teeth can be any color and as bright or dull as wanted.

  • Having metallic "fillings" for the fangs is allowed without the use of this trait, as long as they are realistic gold or silver colors.

  • Off-white/Slight yellowing of the teeth is allowed without the use of this trait.


  • Mismatched teeth aren't allowed. For example, having all green teeth and one black fang.

  • All teeth must be colored, meaning that you cannot have blue fangs only, for example.


This trait can only be added by consuming a Sugar Drop!

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