Eye Stalks

Eye Stalks (Glitched)

Category: Eye Mutation
Species: Xero
Eye stalks are classified as two protrusions from the head of a Xero that have a cone-like base and two round eyes on top. These stalk eyes are simple ocelli and are primarily used to detect light, dark, and movement all around the Xero, rather than complex shapes or colors. Sneaking up on a Xero with this trait would be very difficult!

Eye stalks must be placed on top of the Xero's head area and must be in pairs, much like adding any other extra body part. The eyes must also match the iris and pupil color of the rest of the eyes on the Xero, meaning that if a Xero has blue irises, the stalks must follow suit!


How To Use This Trait


  • This trait must be placed on the Xeros head area and cannot be placed anywhere else.

  • Much like any extra body parts, eye stalks must be placed in pairs.

  • Eye stalks can be added 2x with Glitch Vials for a maximum of 4 eye stalks.

  • Eye stalks count as extra eyes, and any Xero that has more than 4 eyes total may be censored on the Masterlist. For example a Xero with 4 main eyes and 2 eye stalks would have 6 eyes total, or a Xero with 2 main eyes and 4 stalk eyes.

  • The eye stalks must match the iris and pupil color of the other eyes on the Xero.

  • Eye mutations such as slit pupils may be present on the other eyes of the body but do not need to be added to the stalked eyes.

  • If your Xero has an eye mutation it is no extra cost to add it to your eye stalks.



  • The eye stalks must be placed close together in pairs much like a snail's eyes, placing one "hidden" while the other is prominent is not allowed.

  • The eyes on the top of the eye stalks are small and form on top of the base cones, huge eyes that weigh down the base cones would not be allowed.

  • Eye stalks do not have eyelids.

  • Eye mutations such as Hollow Eyes or Slit Pupils cannot be added ONLY to the Eye Stalks without also being added to the rest of the eyes on the Xero.

This trait can only be added by using a Glitch Vial on a Xero that has the "Glitched" status.

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