Tufted Ears

Tufted Ears (Standard)

Category: Ear Mutation
Species: Xero

Tufted Ears
are a common mutation observed on Xeros. These ears can be any shape or size, but feature tufts of longer fur at the tips. This adaptation may have allowed Xeros to more easily determine wind direction and stay downwind of danger.

How To Use This Trait

✅ Do

This trait adds a small tuft of fur to the Xero's ear tips, similar to that of an Earth lynx or caracal. This can range from very short fluffy ear tips to more pronounced tufts. Click the magnifying glass above for examples of this trait! 🔍

🚫 Don't

The color inside a Xero's ear is bare skin, not fur! The fur tufts on the ear tips must be a different color to separate them from the skin of the ear insides. If you are looking for a trait that changes the shape of the outer ear & skin, see the Frilled Ears trait.


This trait can be added to your Xero by giving them a Kara Berry.
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